iPod Nano Gen 2 Quick Review

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14 Comments to iPod Nano Gen 2 Quick Review

  1. Funny how looking back this v2 ipod nano article the latest v4 ipod nano has reverted back to the v2 shape, after the v3 ugly sister! nice article

  2. Hi
    I was given an I-Pod Nano which was bought in the US
    It is white(NOT Silver) and has a 4GB memory

    Does that mae it a 1st or 2nd Gen. Nano as I’m about to buy an
    I-trip and want to get the compatible unit

    Sorry for the stupid question but after 3 wasted hours on the Apple support site I’m desperate enough for anything.

    Many thanks for your advice (and tolerance)


  3. I have had my silver nano 2nd gen 4gb for almost a year. It has only frozen once, and works realy good. I think the transfer speed is a little slower, but not much. I think u guy’s just had a LEMON.

  4. i think ill stop using the internet, my head hurts too much from all the wut wat dis dat u r lol crap language

  5. i have this 8GB nano, its only 2 weeks old, and it has crashed on me twice already.
    “crashed” meaning frozen screen, backlight doesnt turn off, i had to restart the ipod.

  6. my hold button is stripped on my nano gen 2 and i don’t know wat to do it just slides back and forth but doesn’t unlock

  7. Pink nano’s are available to answer taylor’s question.

    my dad got a silver 2GB nano for me and i think its pretty good compared to my samsung mp3 player. but what wouldnt be right? lol. anywho i think that you probably should get a lower GB model maybe.

  8. i am saving through cristmas for one of these babies, so ive been doing some research on them to get the facts about them.
    this is the only bad remark i have seen written about the ipod gen 2.
    i think u just got a lemon…. or lets hope soo

  9. Luena Barclay

    Recieved my Nano 8GB on Saturday. After 3 calls to Apple Tech support, I was still not able to get it to download a complete playlist or play 1 song all the way through. Tech support could not get it to restore. Apple will send me a replacement as soon as I get this LEMON back to them which will be today. I hope the next one will be better-but at the moment I am not too impressed with the Nano G2. I do own an Ipod Photo 60GB which is working very well. I wanted the lightwieght nano for travel through Europe.

  10. Are you sure that your computer in fact has USB 2.0? The speed you describe sounds hard to believe all things considered.

  11. My birthday is coming up and i was thinking about getting the i-pod nano but i wuz just wondering if the i-pod nano pink comes in canada!!?

  12. I am very surprised with your bad experience with the G2 Nano. I purchased the same one, and although I do believe it is slightly slower than the G1 Nano when transferring songs, it would not have been noticable to me if I wasn’t trying to pay attention to it. I upload a new podcast every day of the week, and I don’t have any problems. You might have just got a lemon–maybe it’s worth trying another one?

    Good luck!

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