Sennheiser ‘Twist to Fit’ MX90VC Headphones

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12 Comments to Sennheiser ‘Twist to Fit’ MX90VC Headphones

  1. these things look awful, you almost want to run from them, but after the first day, you get used to them and they perform extremely well for runners, not amount of sweat or yanking will make them move. this is perhaps the thing i like the most about the sennheisser headphones under $100

  2. Exactly that’s what happened for me. Even, my ears are a bit small and these are really painful to fit in. If you don’t fit them as seen in the image, they do not deliver great sound.

  3. The sound is stunning. BUT…
    The fit is the most terrible earphone i ever had in my ear. They don’t stay in place whatever “adapter” i use. You love them or you hate them.
    The problem is you will only know you hate them after you bought them.

  4. I bought these earphones. When I tryed to put them in my ears I saw that my ears are to small for the. So first by them when you know that your ears are big enough!!! But all in all I think they have a really good sound.

  5. I just got my MX 75 Sport in the mail – They look like they will work great – If only they put in instructions on how to use the “twist-to-fit” !!!!! Their web site has nothing that I could find either !!!!

  6. Good sound. If your ears are like mine and you’ve had problems getting other earbuds to fit (like the iPod ones) then these are a whole new world of awesome.

    However, if your ears are like mine and sensitive or shaped a bit differently, it can really kill your ears. I cannot keep mine in my ears for the duration of an album without bruising my ear.

  7. I just bought the MX 55 with the twist to fit system. I find that my ears are way too small for it, and it causes intense pain when i try to fit it. Waste of $53 AUS for me.

    The sound was pretty good though.

  8. I have the MX 90 VC style, and I find that they’re comfortable but a bit awkward to get used to. Great sound quality, though.

  9. bought these at curry digital. the sound from these are amazing. but confort wise appailing. I have trouble with earphones causing aching within the ear and these are real painful to wear for more than half an hour. True they fit but are in no way confortable

  10. i recently baught some at currys digital (formerly dixons) and there probibly the best earphones iv ever had, sound quality is immence and you really dont expect them to be as comfy as they ACTUALLY are, they look good sound good and feel good what else do you want ?

    FIVE STARS (Y) * * * * *

  11. I have the MX55 V Street “twist to fit” headphones. They sound great and will never fall out of your ear. I use them for running and never had a problem. Plus, they have a bunch of different ear pieces to get that perfect fit.

    The only problem is that not many retailers carry them. Bought mine on amazon.

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