BMW Park Distance Control

BMW continues to amaze me by delivering innovative and forward thinking products.  Sure, there not always practical to the every day commuter, but they often serve a purpose and solve the “only ifs”.  BMW’s news gizmo is a remote control allowing its driver to control the vehicle from beyond the driver’s seat.  Don’t go getting all excited, though.  You won’t be able to retrieve your car from the valet remotely, but rather turn the vehicle’s park assist on and off from the remote.  The system is designed to work with a sensor installed on your standard parking space and the Park Distance Control – much like the automated cruise controls that incorporate a camera.  The sensors coordinate entry and upon exit the same maneuvers are automatically applied.  The remote simply allows you to turn on and off the vehicle’s power at a reasonable 2.5 km/h (just under 2 mph).  No more running over little Susy or bashing down the elderly.  Even folds in your mirrors to avoid collission.

BMW Redefines Safe Parking [Gizmag]

Christen Costa

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