Monthly Archives: August 2006

Toshiba Announces 16GB USB Stick


About 6 month ago a company called Cell Disk boasted the largest USB stick. We all knew that wouldn’t last long considering the memory debacle we have all come to hate and love – Apple’s iPod comes to mind. Toshiba recently announced the soon to be available Toshiba 16GB USB...

The Perfect Basketball Back Pack


We know it looks cool to walk the streets with a b-ball in hand, but if you wanna store ‘the rock’ in your back pack you probably end up experiencing a rather large and uncomfortable bulge in your back. The Urban Basketball Backpack looks like it resolves this issue by...

Pink iPod and iPod Nano


You probably don’t remember, but earlier this year we brought you the pink iPod Nano. Unfortunately, to our knowledge, the company that promised these never delivered. Well, just in time for the Holiday season Amazon is carrying Colorware pink iPods and iPod Nanos. Cost you a little extra for the...

SanDisk Releases 8GB Flash Memory E280 MP3 Player


Sansa can now boast the biggest Flash Memory based MP3 on the market. No doubt that Apple will release its 8GB Nano in Q4, but until then Sansa can sing away. The MP3 player, based on the e200 line, also includes a microSD memory card slot increasing total capacity to...

Jet Powered Scooter


Remember the dude that built the jet engine powered VW Beetle? Well, he’s back, and using not one, but two jets to burn the rubber of his girlfriend’s Vespa scooter. We never did see that Beetle take off, but if we get a glimpse at this thing in action I’m...

FireFox Crop Circles – The Fox is Invading


Ok, so its already made its invasion, but this type of crop-circle cutting beats any alien ground tag. Organized by Oregon State University students it took less then 24 hours, 12 people, and a final retouching the following morning. More pics here. Firefox crop circle [MakeZine]...

Sennheiser ‘Twist to Fit’ MX90VC Headphones


Check out these innovative headphones by Sennheiser called ‘Twist to Fit’ that stay locked in your ear via a twisty little ear bud. The pics say it best, but the question remains: how comfy are they? Sennheiser’s ‘twist to fit’ system stereo earphone ‘MX90VC’ [Aving]...

College Implements Tracking Cell Phones

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To many, attending college means the loss of some privacy – share a room, bathrooms, etc. For the Freshmen at New Jersey’s Montclair State University privacy, or lack there of, has a whole new meaning. The University is offering special cell phones that in exchange for the user’s location, will...

No Hands Necessary Can Opener


Kay, we gotta go gimmicky here for a minute.  I know you can’t believe your eyes, but YES! its a hands free can opener!  But wait, there’s more.  The Hands Free Can Opener also cuts a smooth edge, preventing cuts and nicks.  Opens about 100 cans on 2 AA batteries....

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