Sony Kills UMDs and Chooses Memory Sticks

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5 Comments to Sony Kills UMDs and Chooses Memory Sticks

  1. David Brownley

    Sony’s proprietary technology has always been the best… unfortunately people are always willing to accept less quality if the price is cheaper (VHS vs Beta). The mini-disc is the best format for digital cameras for picture quality and storage because the images can be stored on the disc, instead of having to be uploaded, without buying several memory sticks. The cost of the mini-disc is very inexpensive. The only downside is the size of the camera, which if you have used an SLR is not an issue. Perfect for mini video’s, and massive picture storage, when traveling. If you develop the best technology should you have to license it to everybody?

  2. Say it ain’t so Tommy! Say it ain’t so. What the heck is wrong with them. They all need thier head examined. This is why I went XBox ove Sony. Now with the abilaty to play on multi format games on line live with xbox and pc gamers at the same time, sony needs to step it up.

    Shadowrun is coming and it is a pc xbox crossover. Ha!

  3. Amen, to the previous comment. And while they move to a non proprietary format – make a move to allow us to copy movies from their dvds to the card as well. I hate purchasing the same movie in multiple media formats. Maybe if they did allow the copying they could set the trend and become a leader again.


  4. How many times is Sony going to make the same mistake? Why don’t they just stop using proprietary formats and make everyone happy?

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