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Cell Phones

Goldvish Released Million Dollar Cell Phone

Goldvish, a new luxury communication company based out of Geneva, Switzerland - how fitting - is due to release a line of uber expensive cell phones.  One phone, called the 'Piece Unique', will feature more then 100 carats in d...

Solar Panel Car Battery Charger

I didn't realize plugging a charger into a car's cigarette lighter could actually charge the car's battery - usually it just sends electricity out, right? Nonetheless, the 1.8 Watt Solar Panel fits conveniently on any car's das...


NASA System Turns Urine into Oxygen

Urine might be the next fuel to get NASA to Mars - well, sort of. Used for years by the Russians, Oxygen Generation Systems, or OGS, uses electrolysis to turn pee into oxygen. The addition of an OGS system to the current space ...