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Boom Bag

Covertly share your music with the masses via the Boom Bag.  Featuring a 'full range speaker' and a built-in battery, the Boom Bag is constructed of weather proof material designed to protect your MP3 player from the elements. ...
Cell Phones

D-Link Flip Phone Now Available

Remember the D-Link WiFi Flip phone we featured some months back?  We'll we're - and so is D-Link - happy to announce that its now officialy shipping.  The DPH-540 (black) and DPH-541 (silver) is compatible with 802.11b/g and s...


Belkin Tune Talk:Turn Your iPod into a Voice Recorder

We know everyone has an iPod at this point. We also know that everyone hates taken notes. Enter the Belkin Tune Talk for you iPod. It transforms your iPod into a digital voice recorder. The latest iteration include one touch re...