PlayStation 3 Release Date and Price announced

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43 Comments to PlayStation 3 Release Date and Price announced

  1. I’m really gonna buy a ps3 on its release date, cuz:
    -I don’t want to go around any game store to see the display unit
    -Don’t want to get up early on sunday to get one at the store (like I did when I get the PS2)
    -Don’t want to wait until sony drops the price, ‘cuz maybe this happens on 2008 (no fucking way!)

  2. GamingHobby

    Setting the record straight:
    Video game consoles do flop. Historically it is extremely common. TurboGrapix 16, Atari Jaguar and Sega to name 3 legendary flops. PS3 will not flop because Sony has the capital to handle losing money in the short term. Also since Sony is so well established in making video games you can count on a huge library of new titles for the PS3. The console is quite costly especially since you require an expensive TV to get the most out of the system. My advice is buy the Nintendo Wii on its release date and enjoy playing it while the PS3 falls in price, then buy the PS3.

  3. here’s what i think…
    1. To get a good graphics you need to have a television that can take HDTV format otherwise, if you are using a standard television then you can only get a graphics as good as the TV. I wonder if you could connect your computer monitor to this?

    2. I do not play online gaming, therefore I do not need the extra WiFi, ethernet connection and why do you need blueTooth?. There should be a way to choose the configuration on this system.

    3. Even if there are games abvailable for PS3, they may have been developed and tested using PS2’s therfore the first few games do not utilize the audio/video and speed of this console.

    4. any other spec that i did not mention, i probably will not use it. So what is the point having them there?

  4. Ohh and I forgot to mention that, yea the 360 does have some pretty good games, when it comes to fun and graphics (great combo), but I have noticed that many of the games that are for the 360 are also available for PS2. And the Wii, i’ll admit they have some fun lookin games, but “most” of them are for the younger generation (kiddi) unless your into the whole zelda thing at the age of 15 and up, but some of them actuall look worth wild. But if I had to choose, I’d buy a PS3. Because it has many new games that not only have revolutionary graphics, but many of them look amazing, exciting, and actually worth playing. And also for the many new features that come with it. And srry about the typoes.

  5. Ok, i’m a Sony fan and I think there isn’t going to be any other system out there better than the PS3, but yea, i’ll admit that the system seems a little over priced. But hearing people say that Sony is being greedy, now that sounds pretty fucked up coming from people who have no knowledge on how much Sony puts into research and development, and how they actually loose money by creating the most up to date and revolutionary gaming systems. Like Viper Driver said. Also they have almost have an equal amount of systems released as Nintendo, and as far as the PSP has gone, it is the most advanced portable gaming system know to man. And not to mention that yes, Microsoft did rush the 360 into production, and “overheating” was not the only sign of that. I still go to game stores today and see limitations on the 360 to one per person, pretty pathetic if you ask me. Also the 360 doesnt even have backward playing capability, and that really sucks. As for the PS3, it has backward playing so you can play games from PS2 and PS1, and a shit load of other kick ass new features availiable with eht system. And as for you people who say “who needs a blue ray laser, and all that other stuff”, when bought seperately they can asdd up to as much as 3-4 thousand bucks. And sony offers it to you in an all in one package at a fractionof the cost. And believe me, Sony put all that software in the PS3 so the player can get the MOST out of their playing experience. But with every next gen system comes an shit load of next gen games, so I doubt anyone would be rushing to play games like Tomb Raider or MGS on their new PS3, but its always nice to have the option available so you can play an old favorite classic of yours. So all of you Microsoft fans out there, if you have read this and u still have an overwhealming passion for the so called “best system ever” then I guess u all just can’t accept defeat. Sony has (except for before its time), is, and may always be the main leading manufacturer of video game systems.

  6. I am just kinda passing by when i saw this. I just want to state that remeber a couple years ago when people said no way im not paying $200 for super nintendo or genesis. then 400 for playstation 2 but people keep buying as the price goes up. It’s all supply an demand. People demand better things such as the xbox or playstaion then they will supply it. The bigger the demand the higher the prices. It’s that simple. I’m Not really here to say the playstation 3 will flop or that xbox 360 is great cause seriously, my all time fav games were on super nintendo an nintendo no the graphics were not great but the story lines were amazing. That was before graphics had to be good now its graphics this an graphics that but if the game has no story line. Then what is the point of the game? Sure it looks amazing but if you can’t have fun…all your looking at is a picture that moves…

  7. I’ll do the exact same thing I did with the ps2. Buy the ps3 and bring 2 friends to buy one. Turn around and sell it on ebay. Last time with the ps2 i made a coll 1500 dollars. I only bouhgt it 400. but this time with 3 plus ill try to sell if for a coll 2000

  8. Screwston, TX

    Personally I’ve always been a fan of the PS2, The sport games like Madden are much easier to play due to the controller configuration, unlike the X-box controller that has a few more buttons in akward spots that confuse the hell outta me when playing Madden. The price is a little steep, but for some reason Sony has way better games. If it wasnt for HALO I probably would never play the X-box, I’m pretty sure if they made Halo for the PS2 the PS2 would be way ahead in the gaming industry, right now I would think that they are pretty much neck and neck. I did hear somewhere that the companies that bring these consoles out usually lose money on the console itself, but makeup in game sales. As for the Nintendo Wii or whatever its called, i dont know about you guys but Mario Kart, Luigi’s big adventures, Yoshi’s whatever he does and Zelda etc. kinda got old when i was 10yrs old. Dont get me wrong, it was the shit back in the day but lately they dont impress me much. I think its geared to the really younger crowd. Overall i think that the PS3 system will be the best thing out there in a few months, i do think its overpriced but what the hell the money i spend out drinking in about a month and half equals pretty much what the PS3 is gonna cost, the only thing is i would at least have something to show for with the PS3. I guess no one can really make predictions right now on whats gonna happen on whether its gonna flop. The only thing we can do is wait and see. I’m still gettin one though!!!

  9. Wake up call

    I lot of people need to wake up. The PS3 won’t indeed flop, pretty much no console floped in the history of video games, granted some sucked bad time but they always make a little money in the end. But that being said the PS3 IS overpriced and overhyped for the mainstream market. Sure there are a few techno-geeks who think they are gonna be teh l33t because they have a Blu-ray player but …oh wait phone call for you… oh it’s common sense… uh-huh. ok, yeah ok i’ll tell them. Ok he said to say : “NOBODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT BLU-RAY” first, it’s a technology still in it’s baby stage, there are what about 30-40 movies out right now on Blu-Ray, if that at all, and there is still no guarantee (aside from Sony fanboy love) that this technology will come out on top of HD-dvd, second of all by the time there are enough PS3s for everyone the Blu-Ray players will have dropped price. Oh and another thing, those of you who keep saying the 360 shipped to early it overheated, call me in a few weeks after the PS3 launch and we’ll see how many consoles over heat or have other problems. FYI i work in an EB Games and the 360 was (aside from Nintendo who makes flawless products) the smoothest launch so far, it had about a 30% defect ratio, the PS2 was around 50% at launch, yes 1 in 2 consoles.

    Bottom line is the PS3 might be a good console, but after the high price, no HDMI cable for 500$, losing exclusive titles and a major problem with launch, you are better off picking up a 360 AND a Wii for the same price.

  10. Viper Driver

    Also after reading the rest of your posts, I think some of you either havent read enough on the ps3 or are complete morons. You all say that sony is a bunch of greedy bastards? No, i think not. Try finding a bluray disk player alone now days for under $800….its not gonna happen. The ps3 also has two chips in it, that if bought seperately, would cost $500 a peice. Also consider all of the R&D (research & design) money that sony has to recoup…its probably over a third of a billion dollars. with every ps3 that sony sells for the first couple of years, they actually lose money. also, I applaud sony for waiting another year to release their system, instead of releasing a half finished product that overheats in around 10% of the systems like microsoft did. sony clearly has the upperhand in the console war and the xbox 360 will be the system for the lower income populations…end of story

  11. I plan on buying one for my boyfriend because he wants one. I was thinking of getting one of the 60gb ones.. any clue how fast they’ll drop their prices or should i just get it expensive as hell?

  12. Viper Driver

    I just saw sony’s 2 hour long e3 presentation for the 3rd time & i gotta say that this is the best console out there BY FAR. The price doesnt really concern me too much because i’m planning on buying 2 of em and selling one of em on ebay. Does anyone have any clue as to how much people are gonna be paying on ebay the day after they come out? I’m thinkin around $1000+ for the 60gb, although I saw one on ebay for $2500 that is shipped the day after release. also any clues on release titles? the only game i really want when it comes out is madden, will it be released with the xbox

  13. Just because you’re an econ major, you’re supposed to know what you’re talking about??? I hate retards who try to over justify their point based on their background. If your point is truly air-tight, it needs no further bullsh’t behind it to give it more validity.

  14. first of all, conyac is a huge db. (yes, conyac, that stands for deusche bag) anyway, you definitely do not have a playstation 3 already. plain and simple. im almost convinced that you are retarded at this point for two main reasons. 1- you can’t even spell properly and 2- you are trying to lie to all of us on this forum. this entire forum is now dumber because of you. actually, ill make you a deal, you take a picture of yourself holding your ps3 and ill paypal you 500 bucks.

    with that said, i think that we can all agree that the main reason we play games is for one simple reason; fun. at this point, wii is looking more enjoyable to me than 360 or ps3. great graphics mean nothing if the game isnt fun. thats just my two cents…

  15. take it from an economics major, sony did its homework this time around and will continue to come out on top. They could have slopped it all together and pushed it out the door like microsoft but they chose to hide hide in the shadows for another year which shows society they are working on something bigger and better…
    the pricde is all a comeon, after a while they’ll bump it down a 100 bucks or two when they see the morall has thinned… it is truely genius! Believe me, SOny hasn’t lost its edge nor will microsoft ever take its place on the top of the mountain…

  16. the ps3 wont flop!!! th xbox 360 didnt flop and the ps3 has more games available and is twice as powerful! my dad works 4 sony and i already hav one and it is th best console out and th graphics r outstanding

  17. Illmus prime

    Its gona flop,the ps3 is gona flop,tha first and second system flopped,they have always had problems with the first gen sytems,also did the first xbox,ive had 2xbox’s 3 ps2s 1 gamecube 1 n64,im going with thd wii

  18. I had a 360 and sold it because i needed money. Without a doubt i loved the system and thought it was awesome, I think it will bw the best for the price becuase like almost everyone is saying 500 or 600 dollers for a system is kinda ubsurb. With that said i think graphics and gameplay will be very tight between xbox 360 and ps3. Playstation has always had great gameplay although for sports games like madden i felt xbox’s were better. Due to releasing PS3 later i think the graphics will be better than that of xbox 360. As for gameplay i havent seen one play game yet for playstation so i can comment, has ne one seen one? Overall with the release date of Halo 3 right around the time PS3 drops i think it hurts ps3 becuase its so expensive and their always is a question on gameplay when a system is geared toward graphics.

  19. This is retarted. I will never pay more than half a thousand dollars just to play games, I was really hoping to get a Ps3!! Damn you Sony!! 360 or the Wii???

  20. i dont care about the graphix i just care about how fun the games are and to me the wii looks the most fun out of all the three consoles.

  21. Out of the three new consoles, PS3 and 360 will be the two best. I don’t know which will be better out of the 2 yet though. The Wii will probly be last because of its graphix.

  22. the ps3 is going flop big time. its a fact that wii will either be the best or second best. it would be a miricle if the ps3 is the best out of the 3

  23. XMuffinFlavoredX

    Heres how I see it.

    The rich are getting alot richer, and the poor are barely moving on.

    The relase date is after the Wii’s rumor date… Sony has failed to realase it’s system, before two other companies already relased there.

    For $600, you can get a mid-performance system without a monitor.

    To my knoweldge, the Xbox 360 games are 60 bucks a peice, and the PS2 games that were max 40, are now either cheaper, or “Greatest Hits” for 20.

    If games are going to be atleast 50 dollars, and a system for 600, thats just, ubsurd.

    If the Nintendo Wii is 200 bucks like I read it would be, and if there isnt a bunch of deifferent models, that come with features, I will get that in a heart beat.

    I know alot of people who are saying “PS3 For the Win!” and they have been waiting, and will wait till release date, but after I show them this price, we are all going to go build our own PCs with dual core AMDs and SLI GeFroce 7900GTs instead, 400 dollars more rougly, but, hey, a PC, you can do anything.

    The price is to much, we all know it. Sony Buffed this thing up to much, they shoudlve just left the DVD/Game Play combo, no advnacded BluRay, Wifi tehcnology.

    Dont get me wrong, Wifi rocks, but, it is a lot slower, from my tests due to electionral noise. I hope the wired option is still there.

    Just my opnion.

  24. wow. McMaster, you really are a fucking moron. Not saying that I personally would pay $600 for it, but your statement just goes to show that you’re completely retarded. “Get a life, you dicks!” Who are you talking to? Us? Or Sony? And even if you were talking to Sony, what the fuck does “get a life” mean in this context? How about, “Stop being greedy, you assholes.” And maybe some people have $600 lying around and don’t mind dropping it on a game system that would (potentially) rock. I, for one, get plenty of “ass” and have the kind of money where I might consider getting it. I probably won’t until it gets cheaper, but your statement just makes no sense. “Oh, you spent a lot of money on a game console, obviously you are sexually frusterated.” Kinda shows where your focus is, doesn’t it? Sounds like you need the ass.

  25. bud_smokenpimp

    OK i would like to know how you people get this info and shit, im a stoner from nebraska USA and i want to know what makes its such a beefy machine????? Ontoso sounds like he knows a thing or two, dude email me how u know what HDMI, WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g and that other shit.

  26. The original Playstation when released in the UK cost around about $500. Yet lots of people bought it. I can see the same thing happening this time around.

  27. kingstonlvr

    OMG $499 for the 20?!? thats alot and i dont think im going to be able to afford it. One solution to the price would be to wait about 2 years and then wait for it to drop to about $350 and then that’ll hurt your wallet alittle less….. alas it’ll still hurt it.

  28. McMaster

    Take McMaster’s advice. Anyone , and I mean anyone , who pays $600 for a damn video game …. anyone who spends that much time playing with toys either needs his head examined or needs a piece of ass really, really bad. GET A LIFE, you dicks!

  29. This is dumb. I would never spend 500 bucks for a game sysytem. I’ll do what I always do.. Wait for it to get cheaper :-)

  30. The extra 40GB doesn’t the only extra of the most expensive pack, this pack contains a HDMI, WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g conection and a MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash “car reader”.

    I apologize by my terrible English

  31. Its not $100 for an extra 40 Gig, read around a few other palces, $100 gives you 40Gb Extra, Wifi, HDMI and a few other bits and pieces that the cheaper one doesnt have.

    Really the Xbox 360 and the PS3 cost the same amount if you went an bought the same accessories to get the same features. except Xbox 360 can’t play HDDVD Games, where as PS3 will play BluRay Games,

    They will both sell well, doesnt matter what one person thinks really there is millions of people in japan that will buy the PS3 and Millions in America that already own a 360. so its all pretty even

  32. BlytheRubbings

    consumers will decide – price or power?

    Soiftware and developer support makes or breaks a system.

  33. BlytheRubbings

    ***a 20 gb system for $499 and the 60 gb system for $599***

    Wow. You can’t even find desktop drives that small at your typical comp. store, and $100 for an extra 40gb is really gouging.
    Also, how is the software, for that price +games can I make and edit my own levels and tracks for racing games? I don’t care if a system has a 100ghzMegaOptioplex processor archetexture or can run 40 HD monitors at once, if I can’t edit the damn games, forget it.

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