Daily Archives: May 5, 2006

Medicine Cabinet Refrigerator


In case things get a little steamy in the good ole bathroom, why not install a refrigerator cooled medicine cabinet to cool you down. Apparently it has 3 different zones for variable climate setting, which means beer in one, narcotics in the other, and the third…winecoolers for the ladies?  Medicine Cabinet...

MicroSD Payment Card


We keep hearing about ‘contactless’ payment with cell phones – you know, walk up to the kiosk, wave your phone by the register and be on your way. One of the challenges, or so it would seem, would be waiting for the rollout of the next gen phones sporting the...

Pac-Man the Movie


While playing on YouTube, I just stumbled across someone’s joke trailer for a live action interpretation of Pac Man. I love how they handled the power pellets, fruit, and Ms Pac Man. All very entertaining and worth the few minutes to watch. Check it out!...