Daily Archives: May 3, 2006

aXbo Alarm Clock Review


Remember that aXbo Alarm Clock that knows when it’s best to wake you by monitoring your sleep cycles? Well, the guys at Digital Reviews got their hands on one. They determined that for the most part setup and use will be intuitive with no need to read the manual, but...

25 Million Pixel Weather Cam


For a quick 16k Swiss Francs ($13,000 US) you too can have a high end 360° rotating weather cam. Sporting upwards of 25 million pixels, this weather cam also provides up to date temperature, wind chill, humidity, rain and wind conditions. You gotta love how they market this thing: “The...

Teddy Bear Gun


Apparently in Japan it’s become a trend to throw teddy bears at weddings as opposed to bouquets. So the geniuses at Sunamiya have come up with a Teddy Bear Gun party cracker that launches a teddy bear. These crackers go on sale in May and will be marketed to businesses....