Daily Archives: May 2, 2006

Rumble Seat


Anyone seen the Howard Stern movie? The woman climbs on to a speaker and…anyway, you could probably plug this thing into the TV and watch you know what. Currently it’s only a concept, but check out the rest of James Owen’s work. Rumble Seats [UberReview]...

Kick Ass Kung Fu video game


Kick Ass Kung Fu is a video game that will actually make you get off your couch to fight your enemies. The current prototype, developed by researchers at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland, uses a camera to record your punches, kicks, and head-butts and displays them on a giant...

Helio Launches in the US


In case you haven’t heard yet, Helio, which we talked about a few months ago on our sister site, has officially launched in the US today. They’ve launched with two phones geared towards the youth market (Helio service on a whole is geared towards the youth demo) and have included...

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