Getting a new cell phone means the inevitable task of transferring names and numbers. But what if you have pictures, ring tones, text messages and more? The Universal Memory Exchanger 36 (UME-36) by Cellebrite will transfer all that and more from any phone to another. The UME-36 can even be used to back up cell phone data to a USB stick in case of accident or theft. Includes the following inputs: 2 RJ-45 serial connections for phones; 2 USB connections for USB enabled phones; Infrared (IrDA) interface for IrDA enabled devices; Embedded Smart Card and SIM card reader; Mini SD (secure digital) card reader embedded; Mini USB interface for connection to PC; and Ethernet/Internet port.

No word on availability or price.

Gadget Performs Cell Brain Transplant [RawFeed]

Christen Costa

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