After having the Plash! universal camera phone flash attached to my Audiovox SMT 5600 for a few weeks, I decided it was time to write a review.

The Phlash! is designed for the majority of camera phones out there without a flash or with an inadequate one. It uses a unique, powerful LED and is powered off its own battery. Since my SMT 5600 featured no flash and performed horribly under low light conditions (no matter how much I tweaked with the settings), I was pysched to get this little gadget.

First off, I was shocked when the Phlash! arrived. It was definitely bigger than I expected. But then again, how thin can you expect it to be with its own battery. Check out the size of the Phlash! compared to my SMT 5600:

Phlash attached
How did it perform? Pretty well up close. (See pictures below) When you were within a few feet of your source, it definitely made pictures in really low light (think bar setting) situations better. However, when more than just a few feet away, all the Phlash! seems to do is annoy people and leave you with a dark room. Speaking of which, that was pretty fun.
Overall, the Phlash! is a great, innovative idea. However, to make it, the Phlash would require a more powerful light that could take pictures from further away and somehow shaving down the unit.

Rating: 2 / 5

No Phlash

With Phlash

Christen Costa

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