Panasonic Water Proof Laptop

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15 Comments to Panasonic Water Proof Laptop

  1. THINK people before you say something….the waterproof laptops were invented because some people are drinking coffee,juice and by mistake they can spill it on the laptops….

    i think is a good idea.

    For Victor
    and about the sneezing that is bullshit.

  2. For those who may not know, some people go sailing and boats being wet enviroments and pc widely used for GP navigation, waterproof lap tops are not such a wild idea.

  3. waterprooof laptop is a great idea. so whenever i spill coffee near it, i won’t panic that is will be ruined. It’s a great idea you guys make. :-)

  4. Tomas M Gil

    por favor podrian mandarme las espesificaciones y el precio y quisiera saber si la computadora puede trabajar en ambientes de mucha condensacion y de alta salinidad

  5. we go diving from 6m ribs. We use gps units that need chip to look at charts from different areas, each area is minor fortune. I’ve got charts on my laptop that do the world! Will these laptop stand being drenched with sea water? If they will how much and where can I get one? This will solve a big problem as we in the middle of sorting a diving trip to the Falklands, and Lawrance don’t do a chart for that area.

  6. I have a laptop that got a tiny bit of liquid on it from a person near me opening a seltzer bottle and got a couple of drops on my keyboard and voided my warranty. Nothing happened for over a year and then my laptop started acting funny. I sent it into Sony and they said there was evidence of liquid damage. At no time was my laptop exposed to liquid other than that and that was very, very little liquid; more like a mist. I, for one, am glad that someone is thinking about at least making laptops a little more real-world ready. Until they’re ready though, don’t sneeze around your laptop.

  7. the godfather

    whats the use of it you arent gonna go swimming with ur laptop in your hands unless ur really stupid r u?

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