Official Nintendo Revolution Name Revealed: Wii (we)

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18 Comments to Official Nintendo Revolution Name Revealed: Wii (we)

  1. I prefer the name revolution compared to wii. Imagine saying to your friends “hey, do you want to play with my wii”.

  2. blytherubbings

    I would love to try the damn thing, but every store I’ve gone to has
    a Wii behind an acrylic case (probaly just a hollow box) and that SAME STUPID VIDEO playing over and over again (the one with that chick in the blue blouse, leisure suit, or whatever the hell it is) blabbing over and over again, while every other system including XBOX 360 and PS3 have playable floor models. Needless to say,
    I don’t see people around the Wii displays, but around the other ones these days. It’s probaly because they controllers would
    be a phy$ical liability in crowded isles, but it pisses me off when
    I can’t actualy TRY a system to see if I like it.

  3. At first I was going too go for the PS3, but the price is obsurd and apart from graphics there didn’t seem too be much difference from it’s previous edition. With this in mind, the Wii kept seeming more and more appealing, with the cutting-edge controller and online game library. It will change gaming completly, which is a risky thing too do. My only concerns is will they be able too pull it off? If they do, it will be one of the greatest gaming systems in history. What if they can’t pull it off? I wouild be upset too see such a potential-enriched system end up like the D.S, not making use of it’s innovition. Either way, I am greatly looking forward too seeing what Wii has too offer.


    P.S: I’ve been confused is Twilight Princess coming out for gamecube or Wii?

  4. Can we be sure that the Wii will be able to deliver the same grade of material shown by microsoft and the Xbox 360? Even if it does, will there be a repeat of the VHS vs. Beta syndrome, much like is happening now with the Bluray and DVD? be careful, nintendo fans. innovation does not mean success

  5. Nintendo (c)

    The Wii will be another generation of gaming. It is interesting because most people think that we will not have any game publishers on the Wii, but we already have several. As for 1st person shooters, the Metroid games will be 1st person, as well as some Starfox games. Untill next time

    -Satoru Iwata,
    Nintendo Co. Ltd.

  6. im psyked abut this release. Im preticularly interested in the new super smash game. Will there be any 1st person shooters?

  7. I think that this new Nintendo system will be just like all the other Nintendo systems, solid. Nintendo has always been a cut above Sony’s Playstation, take the same game on both Gamecube and PS 2 and look at how much smoother CG’s graphics are. Nintendo is also heading in the right direction as far as games go, Cube had a much larger library of games than 64 did. Also Nintendo’s innovation will pay off in the long run, how many times has Nintendo set the standard for Playstation to follow? Solid, Nintendo’s Wii will hold its own in the new generation of video games.

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