Nintendo DS LiteThe guys at CNet have posted a review of the Nintendo DS Lite. The liked its new slimmer format which doesn’t sacrifice feature set, and of course the dual screen touch format which was found on the previous model. They noted that the 3rd party video game support isn’t on par with Nintendo’s ‘originality and ingenuity’, the touch screen is more responsive but flimsy, and discovered that the darker models are equally susceptible to scratches and fingerprint smudges as the PSP or iPod. Nintendo DS Lite’s smaller format also leaves the Game Boy Advance games protruding from its slot (perfect fit in the original DS), but said this design flaw can be easily over looked and doesn’t impede upon gaming. Comparing battery life the Nintendo DS Lite zonked out at about 5 hours, while the original kicked it for 6 hours and 45 minutes (brighter screen sucks the juice). In closing, CNet felt that the Nintendo DS Lite’s newer brighter screen, and slimmer format is an ‘impressive’ move over the original Nintendo DS, but still not a ‘multimedia powerhouse’ like the Sony PSP.

Final score: 8/10

Christen Costa

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