Sobriety TestThere’s a new technology out that will actually allow officers to “scan” for drunk drivers via infrared!  This crazy technology was originally developed to help diabetics scan their blood without a needle.

The technology works by generating IR radiation and channels it through optical fibres into a cradle.  When a forearm is placed in the cradle, the infrared light penetrates the skin 5 mm and the reflected light is read by a scanner.

Using the reflected light and hte original, an interference pattern is created.  From this pattern they can detect levels of alochol in the body.

Well the good news for you drunk drivers, you still need to put your arm into the device, which means no random drunk traps.  However, this certainly will be an easier method than a breathalyzer.

Infrared Beam Can Scan for Drunk Drivers [Real Tech News]

Christen Costa

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