Stun Gun

Getting zapped by stun gun which emits 50,000 volts is no walk in the park. But what if you could casually stand there, take a stun to the chest and not think twice about it. Thor Shield, a polyester fabric, is designed to do just that, and is currently being incorporated in military and law enforcement clothing – sorry, not available for the consumer market. G2, the company that manufactures the conductive material, indicated that what makes the polyester material effective is that it’s bonded to a conducted material that loops the electricity, and essentially sends the electricity back to the gun. The designer of the Thor Shield, Greg Schultz, brainstormed the material one evening while watching a program on Stun Guns – course it helps that he spent years as an engineer building lighting detection systems that are placed near roller coasters and other large structures susceptible to lightning strikes.

Check out the video of the material being be tested here.

Polyester fabric neutralizes stun gun jolt []

Christen Costa

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