Daily Archives: April 13, 2006

Super Mario Bros Sound Key Chains


Oh, I miss those days of endless Super Mario Bros. From the game over noise to the intro music entering the underground dungeon, I really do miss it all. For a total of $20, not including shipping of course, you can relive the Super Mario experience amongst friends or in...

Thermometer Cuff Links


With style generally comes the sacrifice of practicality. Not so with the temperature indicating cuff links by Tateossian London. One cuff link comes in Fahrenheit while the other in Celsius. Cost you $165 here. Thermometer Cufflinks [UnCrate]...

LCD Projector Cell Phone Next April


According to The Korea Times, we can expect projector embedded cell phones as early as next April. Created by Iljin Display, the Single LCD Panel technology should be able to project up to a seven inch full-color screen. The LCD panel itself is only .24? wide, and is able to...

Liquid Snake Game


Remember the game ‘snake’? Well now you can play it in some gooey black ooze called FerroFluid. Looks like you just tilt the box to move the snake in the desired direction. More pics here and video here.  Snoil [Core77]...

Paramount HD movie content on XBox Live


Microsoft announced a partnership with Paramount that will bring HD movie content to XBox Live.  The deal will include HD trailers for “Mission: Impossible III” and “Nacho Libre.”  The hope is that this deal will eventually lead to full length movie released.  Of course that would require a bigger XBox...

USB Flash Bag Inflates w/ Storage


Although still in its design concept phase, the Flash Bag inflates like a balloon to represent total stored capacity. So, as the USB based flash drive is filled with data a built-in pump (assumption) fills the surrounding bag with air inflating it. The idea is that you can, at a...

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