Daily Archives: April 12, 2006

Color Changing Clothes Depending on Emotion


Soon you may be able to look at the voluptuous blond and now your game has a chance at the plate.  What the hell are we talking about?  Made of electrochromic polymers the color changing cloth, or material, can be manipulated by passing electricity through its fibers.  The wearer could then flip...

Sony DVD Recorders w/ PSP Line Out


Let’s be honest: no one is buying those pesky little PSP UMD. I concede that there a great piece of technology, but its just not practical to purchase UMDs, and a DVD. Well, it would seem that Sony has caught onto this trend and has released a few HDD/DVD (notably...



Nerds can finally get to second base with the ladies thanks to the USB bra.  This brassiere  features a USB male and female connector as the hook. I actually received this as a joke e-mail so no idea if it’s actually manufacturered or not....

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard


Remember that concept pen PDA we showed you a few months back with the projection screen and keyboard? Well it looks like we’re half way to that reality with the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. This matchbox-sized gadget actually projects a 63 key QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface using a...

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