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ABC to offer free shows online

ABC, owned by Disney, has been offering television show downloads for $1.99 on the Apple iTunes Store for awhile now.  However, now, even after Steve Jobs became a majority shareholder in Disney, ABC is going to offer its sites...
Cell Phones
LG Chocolate Pink
LG Chocolate Pink
LG Chocolate Pink

LG Chocolate Now Available in Pink

LG’s Chocolate phone, winner of numerous design awards, is now available in Pink as model LG-SV590. Original colors for the popular slider phone, which is currently available in Korea, are white and black. No word on release da...


Guinness Surger Offers Bar Draft Pint Using Ultrasonic Technology

The Guinness Surger promises to offer the perfect bar pint in your home – or something close to that. It works by you adding a small amount of water to the metal plate, then placing the poured Guinness on the device. Ultrasonic...

Coinstar to Offer iTunes Music Store Gift Cards

If you’ve got a boat load of change kicking around and looking to purchase some music from the iTunes store, then you’re in luck. Available at select Coinstar locations (coin to cash machines often found at grocery stores that ...