Daily Archives: April 6, 2006

Infrared Blood Alcohol Test


There’s a new technology out that will actually allow officers to “scan” for drunk drivers via infrared!  This crazy technology was originally developed to help diabetics scan their blood without a needle. The technology works by generating IR radiation and channels it through optical fibres into a cradle.  When a...

Blue LED Light that Attaches to Any Faucet


Ever stumble to the faucet late night to quench that dry, raw mouth from boozing too hard the night before? I know I have, and often been too foggy eyed to see the faucet to fill my glass. Enter the Blue LED faucet light. Attaches to any faucet and when...

Forget Signatures, Just Scan Your Fingerprint


A company known as SmartMetric ordered a press release today announcing the development of what they tout as the first ‘affordable’ fingerprint scanner for credit cards and similar sized IDs. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such tech, but if they can hold up to the ‘affordable’ aspect,...

Fan Boat Turned Bicycle


So it may not be in working order yet, but strap on some auto inflating air bags, and you got yourself an amphibious vehicle on the cheap. Looks like the frame has been fashioned out of a dolly with bike handle bars welded on. Propellor Bicycle [MakeZine]...

Keyboard Shoes


Probably the perfect gift for the true techie in the family. Sorry, the keys aren’t functional (far as we can tell), but at least the shoes won top prize at the 6th annual Hong Kong Footwear Design Contest. Keyboard Shoes [TecheBlog]...

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