Daily Archives: April 5, 2006

Alarm That Stops You From Nodding Off at the Wheel


I sure could use the Nap Alarm from Japanese company Takanoha, following my grotesquely large meals as I have a tendency to hit lunch-time coma while at work. When you start to nod off the alarm vibrates behind your ear to jolt you to awareness. Costs $12 and is available...

Boot Camp – Boot Windows on an Intel Mac


Now you can officially boot Windows XP Service Pack 2 on your Intel Mac thanks to Apple’s Boot Camp.  Apple Boot Camp will let you dual boot both OS X Tiger (10.4) and Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Home or Professional) on yourIntel Mac. Boot Camp was initially slated for...

Whiteboard that Records Hand Drawn Notes and Pics and Prints Directly


These innovative Panasonic whiteboards, which are commonly used for presentations, not only records what’s drawn on its surface, but instantly prints to the attached and included printer. This is particular useful for distributing notes following a presentation. Looks like they start about $850 depending on size and features. More info here....

Tivoli iSongBook w/ Hidden iPod Dock

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The weather resistant Tivoli iSongbook is a light weight compact stereo with a hidden iPod dock. Just flip open the hidden dock, place in any docking iPod, and you can control the iPod and iSong book with the included credit card sized remote. A second corded speaker is included and...

BlackBerry Appears on Samsung Flip Phone SGH-T719

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Samsung will soon release a flip phone incorporating not only RIM’s new Blackberry Connect (push email system for other manufactures), but also include an extended keyboard (like the 7130) for a more compatible email experience. The T719 should be available sometime in September and is thought to appear on T-Mobile,...

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