Daily Archives: April 4, 2006

Bluetooth Headset Designed for Stylish Women


The Bluepearls BP7G Bluetooth headset for women, comes in 7 different finishes with 9 interchangeable face plates, and weighs a mere 7.9 grams. The V1.2 compatible headset supports 18 hours of continues talk, 500 hours of standby, and includes a ‘Powerbank’ cradle for charging. Clearly the catch here isn’t so...

Smart Cookie: Fortune Cookie Magic 8 ball


From whacky designer Fred comes the Smart Cookie, a Chinese fortune cookie take on the classic magic 8 ball. This delicious Smart Cookie features ancient wisdom display in a blue gel all in a clever fortune cookie design. Oh yeah and it comes in an awesome Chinese take-out box. Smartalec...

Apple Intel iBooks to Arrive in June

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Forbes magazine is reporting that AsusTek Computer Inc (which manufactures Notebooks under the Asus brand) has “secured a contract from Apple Computer Inc for iBook notebook personal computers, estimated at about 1.2 mln units initially?. The laptops will be powered by an Intel processor (duh) and supported by a 13.3...

Spy Plane of the Future


You’re looking at what is perhaps the spy plane of the future. This UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), otherwise known as the Flapless Air Vehicle Integrated Industrial Research (Flaviir) project, contains no moving control surfaces (flaps, etc) and uses “fluidic thrust vectoring, where direction is changed with a secondary airflow?. The...

DNA Pendant


Miss that loved one?  Maybe a little too much?  Maybe in a creepy way?  Well now you can carry their DNA around your neck thanks to the DNA Pendant by  Japan’s  Eiwa Industry.  There are two pendant design choices and they’ll even interlock.  Perfect for re-married widows to remember the...

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