Daily Archives: April 3, 2006

Wireless PC Lock


This USB Wireless PC Lock from Think Geek is actually a pretty innovative security system.  It consists of two pieces, a USB dongle which attaches to your PC and a battery-powered keychain transmitter.  As soon as the transmitter is more than 2 meters away from the PC, the PC automatically...

Color Changing Table


Feeling glum or cheery and this table will reflect it. Ok, so maybe the Aureole tables won’t be able to sense your mood, but they can be programmed to display a number of different colors and animations on its frosted acrylic surface. Currently available here for $1850, but after April...

Mitsubishi Laser Rear Projection TV


Mitsubishi plans to demonstrate a 52�? laser rear projection sometime this week. Laser rear projection TV should not only produce images of never before seen clarity, but last for the lifetime of the set unlike current rear projection TV bulbs that have to be replaced periodically due to burn out....

iPod Iron


This just has to be fake. A clear indicator would be the fact that the Iron’s power is derived from the attached iPod. This would give what, a 2 minute battery life? If it is real, then expect steam blasting in sync with the iPod’s tunes, audio blearing from two...

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