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iH36 iHome iPod Under Counter Kitchen Clock


Remember the iHome iPod Alarm clock? Well they’re back with a kitchen-perfect under the cabinet version called the iH36. Includes a motorized dock that stores away when an iPod or Shuffle isn’t in use. Available here for $200. iHome Under-Cabinet iPod Dock and Radio [UberReview] ...

Belkin Wireless G Network Adapter


This Belkin Wireless Network adapter includes a desktop docking station such that you can place in an optimal position to receive a signal. Taking off out the door with the trustee laptop? Just remove from the USB base and slip into your pocket. Compatible with 802.11 b & g networks,...

Infinity Cascade Speakers

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Although these speakers were introduced back in September of 2005, there extremely appealing from an aesthetics standpoint and apparently provide excellent sound quality. The Cascade Loudspeakers by LifeStyleDesign for Infinity are composed of compression molded real wood and extruded aluminum, and according to the press release inspired by a waterfall....

GyroBike training wheel replacement


The GyroBike may replace training wheels as we know them. The GyroBike attaches a gyroscope and a rotating flywheel to the front wheel of a bike. When a rider leans to one side, the flywheel causes the front wheel to turn into the direction of the fall, correctly shifting the...

USB MyPet Webcam

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I can’t help but think of Meet The Parents when I see the MyPet webcams.  These little webcams are stuffed inside adorable stuffed animals — your choice of monkey (MyMonkey) or dog (MyPuppy).  These web cams feature 120 cm retractable cables and resolutions up to 640 x 480 (at 15...

Official Nintendo Revolution Name Revealed: Wii (we)


After months of having “Revolution? drilled into our heads again and again, Nintendo has released the ‘official’ name of their new system called “Wii? (pronounced ‘we’). Release date and pricing still remained unanswered, but at the very least expect Madden to be released for the system, although we’re not sure...

Lenovo i720 Phone


Although this phone appears high end, according to Slashphone the Lenovo i720 is for the ‘low end market’. Sporting only 64MB of internal memory – that’s right, no external slot – the i720 does include a 1.3 megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and lacks Bluetooth and IrDA. Picking up slack...

Plug Any Guitar Into Your ‘Puter with LightSnake


The LightSnake from SoundTech allows any musician to hook their amplified instruments – guitar, bass, keyboard – directly into any USB based Apple computer running OS 9 or X. The cord features a built-in analog to digital converter, a signal booster, and glows green when in use. In the past,...

Nabaztag Rabbit Now Available to Purchase in the USA


Remember that cute little Nabaztag rabbit that reacts to WiFi signals from your ‘puter? Well, it’s now available for preorder at ThinkGeek for $150. In case you did forget, the Nabaztag rabbit will flash, moves its ears, and even sing and talk to indicate weather, incoming email, stocks and much...

Phlash! Camera Phone Flash Review


After having the Plash! universal camera phone flash attached to my Audiovox SMT 5600 for a few weeks, I decided it was time to write a review. The Phlash! is designed for the majority of camera phones out there without a flash or with an inadequate one. It uses a...

Panasonic Water Proof Laptop


Matsushita Electric, best known for its Panasonic brand and notably its ToughBooks, plans to release a notebook this May in Japan that is water proof. Exact details are still unknown, but the LetsNote CF-Y5 features a waterproof sheet and a special drainage system to protect its hard drive and circuit...

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