Windows Vista eats up 800MB of RAM

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30 Comments to Windows Vista eats up 800MB of RAM

  1. It’s beyond me why people argue over this stuff.
    Use what you like and what you can afford and get over it.

  2. i prefer xp over vista also a new xp is coming out that is supposed to run faster than the xp now vista is gay in my opinion waste of Microsoft life

  3. Not ur business

    y’know… you can’t just dis apple or Microsoft out of the blue from a personal bias against one or the other. Both have strong points and weak points. I prefer the windows XP operating system myself (bad experience with Mac compatibility, and i run vista on my PC to run Halo 2…. god, Vista sure does suck).

    But it would be nice to hear more conversation on disabling these annoying vista background functions. I don’t want to have a pretty looking background and windows if i have to give up a gig of ram for it.

  4. Anyone ever seen Ubuntu running beryl? Absolutely amazing. looking at vista after using XGL and beryl makes vista look like donkey shit. Also, while the effects of vista take up 500+ mb of ram and a lot of cpu, my beryl on linux takes up 200mb of ram and about 2% cpu total. And if you want to see how amazing beryl is:

  5. This screenshot is not of Vista. Vista’s Task Manager’s perfomance tab aint nothing like this!

  6. It’s just a “market” money-making scheme. The newer systems will always require faster computers, more RAM, bigger hard-drives, faster broadband connections and “ensuring obsoletion (making sure you’re old hardware is “not compatible with this operating system)”. Otherwise we’d all still be using Win98 with a ton of ram, and guaranteed it would run faster than any new system. maybe

  7. Heh i was wondering cuz i got new PC with dual core 2.4GHz 2GB DDR2 and windows vista. Like uyou run a game with good graphics (Gothic3). It works well but when you try to save says out of memory :D so all you ca ndo is to add like 3-4GB of ram to be covered with Vista. Thats a huge step of Windows history..Damn :D

  8. OMG MAC USERS ARE SO SMUG. They don’t seem to notice they are using linux which was origionally designed on PC’s for PC’s and later ported to Mac’s. i once used debian on a power mac, hardware was macintosh but the comnputer screamed LINUX not MAC or PC. for god sakes we all know linux is superior but those who run out an buy mac’s either want multimedia applications for editing purposes or they are too stupid to install linux on their home PC.

  9. Mac users seem rather insecure which explains why they are always jumping down Windows users throats.

    Obviously Windows XP and Vista scale themselves according to how much ram you have. It’s the ram, stupid.

  10. If you look under the physical memory section of the performance tab, you’ll see that 628mb is currently available out of 1 gig of ram.
    so “AGAIN” windows pwns all.
    ahh and yea , haters can go to hell, or juts use that mac crap thingy or wutever.

  11. haha, and you mac freaks forgot one important thing. GAMES RUN ON PC’s!!!
    my dad owns a mac… bleh all work and no play? the hell with that. i know my way around mac’s, i steal his powerbook for school and its alrite but its overpriced, while it technically underperforms.
    and dont give me that ‘i dont need to play games’ thats just bull crap, you know u WANT to play games… u just CANT. lol suckers.

  12. Alright, i have the vista beta 2 and have had it for some time. I am curently looking at the performace tabe and i only have 512 mb of ram and it is showing no more them 400mb, it shows 394 and nothing more.
    I have tryed Mac OS 10 because i needed to for video editing using final cut pro. Even though i know how to work the OS 10 I still perfer Windows. I trash on os 10 only because I know it makes all me mac friends angery. Personaly I agree with Juice who said that they are both goos and both have flaws.

    btw, there is now a motherboard that can handle 2 duel prosesers and each can handle 16GB of ram *THATS 32GB Of RAM*
    alright, I just thought that is like way cool.

    one thing Mac will never beable to do……have the way shinny kool windows logo ! lol
    Power to the geeks, no matter there OS there color or programs. we live in a world were every computer is equal.
    Never mind, I still thing Windows is better.

  13. that 800MB of ram is BS, you can see it in that screenshot. It uses the swapspace. Look
    Phisycal Memory: Free: 643248K=~628MB so it uses less then 400MB of RAM!

  14. Children, If u must ask, then you cant afford it….
    Simple, yall count ram like you count dollars, lmao.
    Once again, you cant afford it.
    We live ina world of systems running 8 Gigs of ram, in excess of 4g Processors, and a possible 2.2 g of Graphics ram.
    Thats over 14 gigs of system power, and yall are whining about 800 to GIG OF RAM. LMAO
    Like i said, get over it, your living in a economical fantasy, it doesnt work, you cant afford it…. :)

  15. o rly? My XP uses 561 MB according to you? How can that be when I only have 512? Hmm. I suggest you all learn about virtual memory and page files.

  16. Why does everyone jump on any chance to bash microsoft.
    I have tried every operating system from BeOS to Mac OSX
    but I prefer windows, and how about before wasting time bashing them check the same thing on WinXP and you will notice that the PHYSICAL RAM on the above system is 1Gb and 640 or so is free and the 820Mb as above is only for the pageing file, so how about we stop wasting each others time and admit that windows and osx are excellent programs both with faults of their own.

    P.S. Have a lovely day

  17. Trristan D

    Exactly, I have vista running on my laptop, with 480 mb of ram, it only goes above 300 if i have firefox open. What a worthless piece of OSS.

    it is running on a 10gb partition and currently i have about 6gb free. so i cant imagine that it will require 7gb’s.

    And you know what, i have tried to use a mac, but everytime i try to open up safari the damn thing crashes. Atleast with a BSOD i know im screwed. the crapple thing just has a damn beachball that floats in the middle of the screen for an hour. What a worthless piece of garbage that os is.

  18. It’s more likey that this person has lots of ram and windows is simple using that ram so that his/her machine will run quickly.

    I use alot of programs (ie, opera, firefox, photoshop, dbdesigner, mediamonkey, snag it, jedit all at the same time) and expect them to load quick when swaping between them. If this uses up little over half my memory, then this is a GOOD thing.

    Ram is there to be used!

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