Last Chance to WIN A FREE Kenpo iPod Jacket

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

32 Comments to Last Chance to WIN A FREE Kenpo iPod Jacket

  1. Hi! im Adam, i’ve been looking on the outher coment’s and Oh My God! your mum having lung cancer after your g/f split’s up with you!!! God! well… i’ve not quite got such a story but…
    well. At the moment im being considered to see my Anorexic sister who is aboute 80 miles from hear;(. so that is my weekend’s planed out for the next few year’s:I. it’s been like this for a couple of yeares and im not realy sure if it’ll get beter. But a grate distraction, i fined, is listening to music. enytime of eny day it’s grate to kinda escape into my own world of music. but, as predicted, my i pod has died and im looking for a new one. But unfortunatly almost all of them are out of my price range. so i realy want this one to be worth it. pleaz, im only 13 and non of the kid’s i know have ever had to dreame of sumthing like what im in and at the moment:( just being abel to sit back and relax will be a grate luxury:)

  2. ummm, im fat and disabled. and with this helpfull product,,i can lay on the couch and always have tunes with me.
    what the heck would i do if the wife left the remote controll for the stereo on the other side of the room before she went to work?? well i wouldnt care one bit,because i have the amaizing and very usefull “kenpo-ipod-jacket”, and id just turn on some tunes till she came home.

    wow, me thinks i ought to be the luckie wieener


  3. kirsty Asante

    Please give me a chance to win a free ipod because i am crazy about music and everytime a see my sister listening to music on her ipod i get so jealous.

  4. Hy I like your offer very much.I think I deserve the jacket because firstly I have an ipod and go every day to school on foot and I listen non-stop to music, secondly I need a jacket in the end I here in my town I don’t find any stores who sells “The Kenpo-Ipod Jacket” so the only one who could help is you. Please help me by giving me that jacket!! Thank you!

  5. adam murphy

    i think i dererve the kenpo jacket because of all the damages to my electrical devices. every time i go somewhere with either my ipod or psp in my pocket it always falls out. my ipod nano droped in water and i had to buy a new ipod which used up the rest of my money so far. this jacket will help me alot. so please pick me or i’ll be stuck with drpoing all of my electronics!

  6. I belong in this jacket. This jacket belongs on me. I have an ipod. I have no jacket. I have no ipod jacket. I have a ridiculous number of friends to tell about this jacket. I do radio spots in my area every other weekend, and enjoy name-dropping businesses that give me stuff…or would, if any ever did. Is there really any other option.

  7. I’m a MAC freak. Since I’ve moved to SF. I’ve been to the mac store at least once a week. I just saw this jacket at MACY’S and my best buddy bought one on sale for 50% off. I tried getting one today, however, the sale had ended. (sad face). I went online google and see if I could find it at a reasonable price. And FREE would be a more than reasonable but a GODSEND! Ask and you shall recieve, so consider me asking! Cheers to all of the ipod fanatics in the world…I don’t know what I did before the ipod generation began.

  8. ramesh gopal

    dear all,
    Discovered Gadget Review just a few weeks ago, while surfing. I’l see what’l come to us in the future and what stuff is already available to possibly change our lifestyle.
    I hope I can also get a chance to win the Kenpo iPod Jacket, cos I visited the Kenpo Website.
    Besides its technical features such as there isn’t any need for extra batteries, makes me really want it.
    Pls send as early as possible.

  9. Thomas Hofer

    Hi, I’m Thomas, 22 years, from Germany.

    I discovered Gadget Review just a few days ago. I like to see what’s coming to us in the future and what stuff is already available to possibly change our lives.
    I hope I can also get a chance to win the Kenpo iPod Jacket, although there is a little bit of distance up to here.
    I visited the Kenpo Website and informed me about it. Beside its technical features it is nice to hear that there isn’t any need for extra batteries.

    In the “Store Locations? I can only find stores in the United States. Probably that might be the reason why I haven’t seen anybody here with such a functional jacket.

    Referred to the features of the jacket I try to give some reasons why I would deserve it:
    It would give me a nice reason to leave the house on such a poor weather and furthermore I would be saved of getting the iPod out of control because of frozen fingers. It would solve the problem how I can transport my iPod if I go jogging or ride a bicycle. I simply like simple and functional design like this one. I could inconspicuously volume up my iPod if somebody would bother me. An I could make my bernese mountain dog much happier, because of the more frequent number of walks.
    And last, I would promise to write an experience report for Gadget Review if requested.

    And of course my iPod deserves it too, to be protected from scratches and to be kept warm even in the coldest winter.
    And then I could promise to give my iPod a place close to my heart – in my jacket, wherever I am :)

    Best wishes from rainy Germany (where’s my jacket..),

    P.s.: I promise to teach my English with talking books on my iPod that I can write a whole text without my dictionary and without spelling mistakes :)

    For better gadgets and a better world.

  10. Santuitman

    Wow! I didn’t realize this was a “beg for a jacket” comment area… Enough said about that. The Jacket however looks interesting and does seem like it would be usefull however the description and pictures have the same probelm as other ipod items. It is not crystal clear that it will work with the new iPod, the gen 5 or video iPod. The text seems to make you think it would. The pictures make you think you have to use a top connector from the older iPod so it is confusing. Clear that up and I think It’s a great idea!!

  11. Henry Mensch

    because i live in a city where the weather varies by the neighborhood … and because it looks like a jacket that can be useful with my technology instead of driven by the technology.

  12. Andy Meuer

    When I’m traveling, I like to go in style. Since I graduated I’ve been on the move continuously with no more than ten bucks in my pocket at any given time. So my style these days has been avoiding rent-a-cops while I grab a few Z’s on a Wal-Mart bench. I’ve also embraced the smelly style of life on the road, and the unwashed style of those without good clothes. In addition to boosting my iPod style, this jacket will really help with my image. I won’t get beaten up for looking like a vagrant anymore and even if I do, I’ll be enjoying the warm sounds of 3 Doors Down the whole time; all with the convenience of volume control on my dirt caked Kenpo jacket sleeve.

  13. John Megowan

    I would like this jacket, because I personally think it is a stupid concept since Ipods are so easy to use anyway, and would like to be proven wrong. Winning this contest is the only way I’d consider getting one.

  14. Jeez, how can I top that last one! So sorry!
    Well, I want this jacket for my husband. Because even though we are having major marital problems, I still love him dearly and he works really hard with his two jobs and helping me raise our two boys, 4 and 5. He listens to his iPod while driving all over the place and working his ass off for the family. I think he deserves it and I the features would keep him alive on the road, which is what me and the boys would love to see happen.

  15. Hi My name is Jeff, I’m a 22 year old college student in Ft.Lauderdale Florida and I am studying for computer science. Recently Me and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up no big deal I can handle that. A week later I find out my mom has lung cancer, and that one hurts. So now I’m working full time and going to school and giving her what money I can so she can buy medicine. You think it would be cheap with
    insurance but oh thats right we live in the USA. So now I’m under a lot of stress with what’s going on with my mom,working and school everything rolled into one giant gray cloud. A lot of people might not be able to handle it but what I find helps is walking. Every night I go out and walk for about 4 miles and just enjoy nature and of course listen to music you are probably saying he listens to his i pod cool sadly no
    The ex g/f has it. I walk around with a portable stereo on d batteries and listen to the same songs over and over again on the radio but I don’t mind because I love music but it would be nice for some variety. So in closing if you pick me for the jacket I thank you and will save for a i pod if not thank you for considering me.


  16. mohd farhan

    I really want to win it.I ride motorcycle to work and listen to my iPod while I’m in riding.Since i am the x-sports lover,the coolest design of jacket makes the iPod easy to use in everywhere we are whether you are in hiking,bungee jumping or rafting.

  17. I would like to win it! I do a lot of walking and carry my iPod with me. This jacket would be perfect! I could easily control the iPod while walking. It would be nice to be able to just touch the controls on the sleeve and adjust the volume! And I like that the jacket is washable! I’m a gadget freak and I love the idea of having clothing that is made especially for a cool gadget!

  18. ’cause I’m from Brazil, and most of people here even know a ipod… figure how many girls I’ll get with this Jacket. And I never be late again looking for my ipod. it will be always there!!!
    so please, make my day!

  19. I wnat this jacket because I am the only person that knows what linux is that I know and I need a new jacket, especially one like this! Plus my iPod mini looks so last year when i take it out of my pocket to use it,so this jacket is perfect for me!

  20. I ride my bicycle to work and listen to my iPod while I’m in transit. The ability to change tracks without pulling out the ipod would be of great use, but even better is the ability to change the volume.

    Plus the jacket is a style that I would wear, even without the awesome iPod features.

  21. I don’t really think I should get this. I don’t own an ipod at the moment. I broke my nano in half when I was getting into my car the other day. if I had this jacket that would have been avoided. so, maybe when I get a new ipod. this jacket would be extra sweet. but, untill then it would just be nice to have a nice new jacket.

    I don’t think I should really win. but, it would be pretty sweet if I did.

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