Podfitness.com personal trainer service

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

52 Comments to Podfitness.com personal trainer service

  1. Brian Lund

    I think it’s way cool what they’re doing – it gives an opportunity to keep motivated and at the same time have different workouts available. It’s also kind of cool that these are some of the best trainers in the world.

  2. I downloaded Alycea Ungaro, and loved her workout!! I decided to stick with her workout. However every time I downloaded her exercises her exercise was same one as previous one with little different order and comments. I kept downloading up to 20 work out, thinking it will change next time. I was wrong it’s still the same exercises. I even try to change exercise by saying work out was too easy, but no change. So I thought why not have one tape and say that’s it and ended up buying Alycea’s Book & CD from Amazon. So I can try next level.

    I can not use music with yoga, pilates exercise because music gets too loud and I can’t hear instructions, so I download the sessions without music and they are now fine.

    Their Yoga exercise can have very wired flow, like having savasana in a middle of exercise and having it again at the end. I tried 3 different yoga instructors some session are good, but they can all gets strange, and sometime instructions are hard to follow. Their workout are also repetitive as well. I decided to stay away from yoga & decided to stick with my baron baptist, yoga audio CD.

    So far, I only downloaded about 5 sessions each of Body shaping workout with Kathy Smith and Kathy Kaehler. I love them both (their workout are similar but love them both) ! I’m not sure if their work out will start to repeat same exercises like the pilates workout. I hope it will not. Kathy Smith work out got harder with more reps when I did last. Good sign! It might workout fine.

    I tried cardiovascular exercises. love them as well. Because of the nature of repetitiveness of cardio workout. I found I was using same audios again and again. I use easy, medium, or hard polar heart rate workout depending on my energy level. I realized I don’t need subscription for the cardio.

    I have not had major downloading problem :)

    Podfitness is fun but wired. I feel slightly, I’m wasting $ for the thing I don’t need to subscribe to. May be it’s enough if I subscribe for 3 month and say it’s enough. But there might be some exercises worth subscribing to… Well…I’ll see. (I wish I can say most of, or every exercises are worth the subscription.)

  3. I just signed up for free 8 week trial through Discovery National Health Challenge and have only done 3 workouts so far, but I love it and I am a confirmed couch potato. I can’t wait to download my new workout each day. I love that I can work out when it suits my schedule. I tried gym memberships but always felt self-conscious working out with other people around. So far, I have had no problems whatsoever, but maybe I just haven’ t been using it long enough to run into any. Anyway, I’m lovin’ it!!!

  4. I’ve tried podfitness one month. It’s fun first few times. However workouts don’t change much after many downloads and even the instructor’s massage start to repeat (I downloaded up to 14 exercises with same instructor). I guess it means I should stick to the repetitive program till I get stronger, which is fine. However I started to feel like I’m wasting my time & energy by downloading similar exercises. It takes time to mix music, download, and put it in to my ipod. It’s almost better if instructor says do this session for 2 weeks and then come back and download again or something. Now I started to think may be I try PumpOne realizing I can use same exercise for a while (let me know anyone have opinion about their program.). The podfitness is also buggy, sometime there is downloading problem, & workout recording can come out strangely (such as not having enough time to workout because of counting error, not having both left and right side of workout.) Those bugs are destructing during workout. Also they never replied my emails questions either (I sent two.) . Good side of this program is I can focus on workout and not worry about what to do next. When the recording don’t have much error, I can focus better doing my workout. I also like there are many type of workout to choose from. I feel more balanced doing several different programs. So this is great feature. Podfitness.com still feel like it’s in beta version (work in progress). At this point it’s questionable to pay monthly for downloading bunch of same exercise sessions with too many bugs and not having email support for these errors. However I think the site has good concept /potential It can very useful site, if they fix bugs and the program is configured better. So it’s not all bad, I’ll be still interested to try podfitness again in future to see if it’s better. Summery: Podfitness is a beta version of a potentially good program. So it’s fun to try, but too many bugs to buy.

  5. I’ve been using Podfitness for 2 weeks. I’m hooked. I’ve had a few technical problems but always seem to get some someone on chat support. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.

  6. Well I signed up for the trial and it worked great. I then imported all my music into iTunes and started to make a mix and I get “BASS error #41″. According to someone on the forums this should only affect Mac users but it affects me and I use XP pro with iTunes I’ve tried contacting support via the livechat and email with no responses. I just paid for my first 13 weeks and have not been able to mix any workouts. I’m also a major nerd that works in IT and I’ve tried everything that I can think of to make it work.

  7. These iPod workouts are made they way you i them to be.

    They are produced by Marina, a fitness recording artist. there are hundreds of them and songs too.
    Her workouts are also in the new fitness download stations being installed in gyms. And the woman lost 100 pounds – she knows what it feels like to be fat.

  8. hello fellows and fellowettes

    when i started using podfitness it was a little tricky but on my third workout mixing i had it down pat. now i can mix a workout blindfolded. i havent heard or seen any other similar product so theres not much to compare it to. from my experiance(and those of the others that have posted) the only con is the occasional technical problems. i too would like the music to be “in tune” with the voice, but i doubt it will happen soon. im big into programming and i think they would need millions of millions of dollars more than they probably have to develop that technology. but since ive been using it(almost a year) ive seen amazing improvement in the technical and operational aspects. this is one of those programs that will make you say “woa this is damn cool”

  9. I used PF last night…on a Mac. Setup was a breeze, no problems. Burned my workout to my iPod and worked great.


  10. Dave - Podfitness Customer Support

    Hi! I actually work for Podfitness Support and I wanted to let all of you know that we’re 100% committed to taking care of every customer issue.

    To Jack, Linda, Pam, Lauren, E, Vrinda, Micaela, Sarah, Vicki, Lisa, Liz, Eric, Beccaboo, Janet, Randy, Sabryna, Sukey, and Allan:

    Sorry to hear about the problems you experienced. Things have come a long way and many issues have been fixed. We are getting very close to the release of Version 2.0 which is testing very well. We are hoping to have it available to the public within the next few weeks. I would be more than happy to give you a 30 day free trial so you can see for yourself how awesome it is. You can call 1-888-476-3348 and ask for Dave or send your email to support@podfitness.com attention Dave so I can personally assist you.

    To Synthia and Mel: We have had Mac support since the beginning of April 2007. Podfitness works with Mac OSX 10.4 and up. You can get started whenever you want. We appreciate your interest and patience. Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions getting started. We currently offer pregnancy workouts as well.

    To Kristine: We currently have trainers that offer yoga workout programs. Feel free to start a free trial so you can try them out. I would recommend Mark Blanchard and Adrienne Reed.

    To Kristie: It sounds like you may just need to clear your Cookies and Temporary Internet Files (cache). Depending on the browser you are using the step could be different. I have provided steps below for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Safari.

    Mozilla Firefox:

    1. In your browser, go to Tools -> Options
    2. Click the Privacy Icon
    3. In the bottom section titled “Private Data” click “Clear Now…”
    4. Check Cache & Cookies
    5. Click Clear Private Data Now
    6. On the Options page, click OK
    7. Now the close the browser completely & restart it


    1. Click “Safari” then “Preferences”
    2. Go “Security” and click “Show Cookies”
    3. Click “Remove All” then you can click “Done”
    4. To clear your cache, just click “Safari” then “Empty Cache”

    Internet Explorer:

    1. In your browser, go to Tools -> Internet Options
    2. Click the General tab
    3. In the section titled “Browsing History” click delete
    4. Delete Temporary Internet Files
    5. Delete Cookies
    6. Click Close
    7. On the Internet Options page, click OK
    8. Now the close the browser completely & restart it

    Carrie is exactly right. Make sure there is nothing wrong with the playlist in itunes before hand. Right around 33% is where it is trying to mix your playlist with the workout. Make sure you don’t add any music to your playlist that would be copy protected (music purchased from itunes store for example). The problem with the music purchased from itunes store (and others) is because of the DRM (digital rights management) that comes with their music. If you right click (or control click) on a track in itunes, then go to “get info” you will see the details of the audio file. This is how you can tell if the file is protected or not.

    Please feel free to contact us directly at 1-888-476-3348, support@podfitness.com or our live chat service available on the “contact us? section of our web site. Located here: http://www.podfitness.com/web/template/contact?aff=home


    Customer Support

  11. I just finished chatting with a Podfitness support person, and I was having the same issue with my mixer freezing at 32% EVERY TIME I TRIED to mix. I have been really pissed off about it.

    So, apparently, mine has been working incorrectly the whole time – when you select a playlist and click mix, it shouldn’t take you to another menu that looks a little like iTunes where you choose songs – it should immediately start mixing.

    Here’s what fixed it for me: make sure none of the songs in your playlist are iTunes purchased. If even just one song is, it will freeze the mixer and not work. I created a new playlist with all songs that I knew were NOT purchased from iTunes, and it started mixing immediately with no freezes, and finished with 5 minutes.

    Just wanted to share my experience- hopefully it will help someone! This service is worth a little bit hassle to me because it’s getting me to the gym.

  12. Well….here is what break it for me….I got the Mens Health Personal Trainer which I totally recommend….Love that….I wanted to find out if I could supplement with podfitness….not so I found out. The system is so slow it really makes me impatient… It takes about 15 minutes to mix a 30 min workout…Interface looks very intuitive…but in fact it isnt… They have some challenges working out the bugs in the system….I will return to look at it in 6 months or so….until then….Mens Health Personal Trainer it is for me….

  13. I just signed up for Podfitness this week. I love the concept, but like most everyone here, I’m having problems mixing. The trainer’s voices are not combining with my selected playlist on the first try. I have to try any where from 2 to 7 times to make the voices merge with my music. When I questioned it via the live chat and a support e-mail, they were kind of flippant in their answers, mentioning things like my Norton may be blocking it, I checked that, no it isn’t, or I need to repeat the starting of the Pod Mixer. Also, both reps acted like they’ve never seen issues with this before, but now I see quite a few folks are having issues. Before I would recommend this to my friends, Podfitness has to perform more smoothly. Get the bugs fixed, or at least manageable.

  14. Here is a note I sent to podfitness today:

    First, I’ll definitely say you’ve come up with a product that, if it worked, I would gladly pay the $20/month. As it is, I’ve already spent entirely too much time trying to make this thing work.

    Sign Up
    Signing up was fairly uneventful. In fact, it probably set my hopes too high. Everything went fine and I successfully created my first workout session. The only item, a small one, was that I “selected my play list” on the mixer pane and hit “mix.” After doing so, the play list screen came up and I had to pick my play list again. Why did I even do it on the first screen, if the selection is not carried forward?

    First Work Out
    That went fine as well. The only thing I would recommend is a way to preview a list of activities that would be done that session. The feedback on the back end was a nice touch, allowing me to rate each exercise, however, I have no idea whether that really has any effect on future workouts.

    Second Session
    This is where it goes to trash fast.

    I get the alert that I must use the newest player plug in (April 4, 2007). Well, that’s all fine and good, but there is no way for me to check the version of my plug in to see if I need the newest. Assuming that since I had only recently signed up, I ignored the screen.

    After continuing problems, I decided that I might have an older plug in. So, I went to try to find the plug in. Well, after looking through the online support, there was no link to the plug in. I poked around and tried a new trainer/activity and that cued the new player alert. I downloaded it and re-installed the plug in.

    I want to also point out that the link to “support” simply took me to the pf home page. After searching the page, I found a small link at the bottom for support. That one took me to the support page. Why doesn’t the support link on the member page go directly to the support page?

    My primary issue is that the mixing process was locking up consistently at the 33% mark. When I changed the trainer/activity, lock up occurred at 32%. I tried several actions – re-booting, letting it run for more than two hours, re-installing the plug in – but nothing could get me past the lock up.

    I then tried the chat help. This was on a Sunday. The chat session window open and kept reassuring me that help would be with me shortly. Well, after checking the contact page, I see that your support lines are not open 24/7 (understandable), which may explain why no one picked up the chat for over an hour. Today, the chat session closed because of “server issues.” If chat support is unavailable, then send a message to that affect. If chat support is available 24/7, then you may need more CSRs.

    I’ve even tried podfitness on a new machine. That machine got through nearly the whole process before it locked up Internet Explorer. This happened three times before I finally gave up. Then, after trying the original machine, every time I click on Member Sign In, the page cannot be displayed screen comes up. Yes, I’ve turned off my pop-up blocker. So, even if I wanted to cancel my membership before I start paying for something I cannot use, it’s unlikely I can do so, since I cannot event log into the system.

    I’m hoping that someone will contact me tomorrow telling me that you experienced technical problems over the weekend and all is good. It was a good concept, but I certainly question your ability to execute.

  15. Couldn’t get past the initial signup. I typed in my credit card information several times (will be interesting to see if I’m charged each time), but ‘bad gateway’ or different error screens popped up. I LOVE the idea….maybe that’s why I was so persistent. I finally called & they tried to walk me through it, but the service tech suggested typing in Apt. instead of the # sign (indicated they were having problems w/ that). Nope, no luck.

    I’m taking it as a omen! jg

  16. Beverly A. Butler

    I am a soon to be 75 yr. old female and I love your workout.
    I have been working out with Denise Austin for about a yr.
    and then she went to just the 1st 1/2 hr. and then I began
    with you and your trainers are all so awesome.
    Keep up the good work.
    I have been working out all my life many yrs with the Firm
    which I also loved.
    Your workout is great and your instructors are super.
    Bev Butler from Green Valley, AzI

  17. Brenda Harper

    thank you so much because I needed someone to give me the push that I needed.So that I can get the weight off of me because am to pretty to have this much weight on me . So thank you and God Bless You.

  18. I was so excited to sign up and get started tonight, I filled out all my information..credit card info…etc. Well when I go to Login I get a

    You have encountered an error message…grrrrr

    I was so looking forward to getting it all ready for my workout in the morning…I guess I will have to get up extra early and start calling the help desk to get it straightened out!

  19. watching podiftness on lifetime tv – tv said to go to podfitness.com/lifetimetv for chance to win and get personal trainer – web site not found – please help

  20. Hi my name is Aurora Torres

    Hi, I signed up last night, I’m very excited about starting this program. I think it’s time to start doing something for myself.

  21. Really? I was about to try it, but I don’t want to support right wing politics trying to get fit. I guess I’ll just stick to my routine, and ask for help on fitness forums.

  22. I’ve been waiting one month after the last program “upgrade”, to get my podfitness working. The music mixer won’t connect to my iTunes software. I’ve called once per week since it first happened. All I get is, “A couple of other people are experiencing this as well. Our IT team is working on it.” I’ve done all of the follow up. You would think with me being the customer, it would be the other way around!! Does anyone know the name of the CEO?

  23. They claim there are all these big name trainers who create the programs… but all you ever hear are 2 stock announcer voices every workout. The first workout says you’ll hear the “asst trainer” AND the pro. I never hear any pros. And each time it sounds almost exactly the same. Anyone have any experience with this? Also, they list trainers with NO ACTIVITIES, so while they entice you with the big names, you can’t choose them all because they all don’t have activities!

  24. Brandon,

    When is Mac Support coming? I read somewhere that it would be before Oct. 1. I also emailed podfitness, but never got a response. You’d think that Mac support would be a given when the product in question is an Apple.

    I guess I just have to keep check back at the website.


  25. Hi Brandon,
    Could you tell me when the new running programs are coming out? I really really want to try those! IPOD just updated itself on my computer so I assume its a new version yet I still don’t see Jeff Galloway as a trainer option. Also, will the running programs be geared for either outside or the treadmill?

  26. I’m really enjoying the workouts and, at least so far, they are keeping me motivated. The one thing I wish would be added would be a way to know, before mixing the music with the audio, the rhythm of the workout. I want to schedule my power songs at the time when the most effort is required. But right now, you can’t hear the workout until after you’ve mixed it with the music, and you can’t remix a workout, as far as I can tell.

  27. I LOVE podfitness!!! When I first joined it said yoga programs were coming soon. Now it doesn’t say that. What gives? Having yoga programs would make my podfitness experience pretty close to perfect!

  28. Was really excited about podfitness until I saw the blogs. Glad to hear it is improving but the two things I really need is MAC compatibility and NOW a pregnancy fitness option. I might have to check back with Pod fitness in 9 months!

  29. I think this program is a great idea and is fun but it could be better. Somethings I really like: your own music and lots of trainers to choose from. Lots of different workouts, the workouts progress/change every time. Some things I would change/add: videos (even if just on the website as a reference) so we could see how an exercise is done, the ability to say that a workout was too easy or too hard and have it modified, a list of all equipment needed or a reminder at the beginning of the workout so that we are able to get it all together before starting.

  30. Wow, I hadn’t expected this blog post to become a de facto forum of sorts about Podfitness. That’s something to think about…

    In any case, you probably noticed we’ve made some major upgrades to overall system stability and customization.

    Lisa, pictures of proper form would be great. We’re discussing the idea, and actually have started down that road, but it could take awhile before it’s implemented. Right now, we’re focusing on improving customizability and adding more workouts.

    Sarah, we’re working on clarifying the definitions of “Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced”. That’ll be a feature of Podfitness 1.0, which is coming sooner than you might think.

    Also, you can now keep up to 5 different trainers and workouts going at once, and we have a History section to help you keep it all straight.

    Jeff Galloway is just about to help us launch our Running section, and similar additions are scheduled every few weeks afterward.

    And finally, about the cueing issue, we have some pretty big plans for music (it’s a big part of what we’re about!), but unfortunately, they’re top secret at the moment.

    For right now, we realize that simply stringing your songs together in the background isn’t perfect, but we think it’s WAY better than having someone making techno music in their basement, adding it to your workout, and forcing you to use it over and over again.

  31. PS: They must have worked out many of the bugs they talk about in other posts. I have downloaded 12 workouts with no troubles. I know cross my fingers.

  32. For giggles I signed up for the 10 day trail. You see I’ve been struggling with my weight and exercise for the past few years. I used to be a gym rat until I was in a car accident and was unable to exercise=pounds piled on.
    I LOVE THIS!!! I love the control I have. I have completed the 10 day trial and am now hooked again into exercise! I haven’t stuck with one trainer yet and have been playing the field:) Here is my wish list though.
    1. I wish there was a downloadable PDF that listed all the trainers and their workouts with minutes. (I’m a mom and have varied times each day, I hate looking through the computerized version of trainers=time consuming)
    2. PDF showing proper lifting techniques and machine pictures. I felt silly when I didn’t know what the heck a smith machine was. If a pdf came with the first workout it would be helpful.
    3. On the same lines a print out of the order of the lifts. I have a small gym in town that has most things but only one of them. If the machine in question is being used I could go to the next lift on the list and not get behind.
    4. As mentioned above by someone else…I like varying my workouts and trainers so far, If you could keep 2-3 trainers going without losing progress would be great.

    For the first time in 3 years I feel my 70 pound weight loss hurdle is doable. Thank You! In 10 days I’m down 10 pounds. (I know it will slow down…but what a great start)

  33. I’ve been so excited to sign up! Can anyone tell me if the “cueing” issue has been resolved? It seems like that would be a pretty elementary issue, even if I were choosing theire playliist. It doesn’t seem worth it if the music isn’t cued to the workout. Any comments?

  34. I just joined. Love the workouts. Few issues.
    1.) First Issue-Yes its buggy like everyone is saying. But I totally agree that it is horrible that you can’t seem to have 2-3 training programs going on at one time! I want to do cardio some days, strength other days, etc.
    2.) How the hell am I supposed to know if I am beginner or intermediate or advanced? The very first download should be some kind of workout test to determine your ability so you can find the best workouts for you. Right now the beginner workouts are too easy and the Intermediate is too hard. so…..what am I supposed to do?
    3.) When talking to another subscriber, she told me that the “new programs” on podfitness such as training for 5k, 10k, marathons, triathlons, etc were supposed to come out over a month ago!

    I love the concept of this program. I just need it to work!

  35. I’m in the middle of the 10-day trial myself. I haven’t done one program, but I’ve listened to them and they sound great. I’m definitely going to cancel before my 10 days are up because it is still (as of July 15) very buggy. For example:

    When you are on the last step of mixing the music with the workout track, sometimes I’ve had to turn off my computer after 20 minutes because it never finished.

    I can’t find some workouts after I’ve downloaded them! Then I realized that they were under the name “Workout? with no album name, artist name or genre.

    This is not a bug, but I definitely did not like it that I couldn’t add the music I got from iTunes. I almost canceled it immediately because I buy almost all my music from iTunes. I didn’t cancel because I figured out how to convern all my iTunes music to Mp3s, and now it works perfectly.

    If Podfitness people really do read these reviews, I suggest they also try to recruit celebrities to the mixes — just to shake it up a bit. Not only celebrities but different voice actors with different dialects or languages. My sister and I were thinking how funny it would be for one day to have Queen Latifah saying to you: “Girrrrrrrllllll!! You betta GIT yo’ butt up and git to walkin’! I Faster! Faster!? Or even Tom Cruise promising to wink at you in his next film if you do just one more mile. A lady with a Jamaican accent would also be hilarious and different languages would only be a plus.

    Wow – didn’t expect to write so much. Sorry!

  36. I signed on for the free 10 trial after my prepaid sessions with my personal trainer ended. Forking over the $ every month was killing me but I liked the results. I have been an active gym rat for 10+ years and I really needed that extra umph. Podfitness has that umph! After a couple of initial hiccups everything is working and the workouts are as challenging as you allow them to be…the time just flys with the trainer and MY music.

  37. I cancelled after a 10 day trial at podfitness.

    My trial period was in mid May and I noticed some technical glitches (like login issues) being sorted out even during the trial. I dont mind not having motivation in the voice over track. A description of the exercise and counting is all I need. I can also comprehend why the counting will not be in sync with the music. Technically, what the program does is mix two audio tracks. Sensing the BPM of your music and having the program adjust the counts is too complex from a programming perspective to be expected at just 20 bucks a month. I modify to be in time to my music which is a bit of a pain but compensated for by the fact that it is “my music”. The alternative would be preselected music without the option of mixing from your itunes plalist so I will live with the trade-off.

    I found the Body Shaping programs (cardio sculpt or circuit style) very good and also the Cardio programs. Some specific body part programs for butt / legs / abs are good too. The “pure” Weight-training programs I found boring. It was just straight sets of each exercise and as an experienced lifter I dont need podfitness for this. There was no pyramiding, pulsing, super-setting or anything to make the weight training more interesting or effective. At least in the few weight training programs I tried.

    I like the concept and a few of the programs very much. Specifically I liked Jeanette Jenkins, Jodie Olsen, Michael G, Steve Jordan and Amy Islom’s programs.

    I cancelled because of the following:
    a. On most programs that I tried, I got the exact same workout or essentially the same workout with a few variations, for each successive Day. I can use a workout DVD or rip the sountrack and take it to the gym if I want to repeat a workout again and again. My expecation is at least some level of variation from day to day, even if a few exercises are repeated.
    b. My podfitness desktop application would not let me do a rotation with muktiple programs. For instance if I progress upto Day 3 on a specific program (A), switch to another program (B) and proceed for 3 more days, when I go back to A, I have to start over at Day 1. I cannot imagine only doing cardio or only doing an Abs program on a ongoing basis. Most people would expect to do a program about 2-3 times a week and do another progarm for the other 2-3 days in the week. I expect to be able to have atleast 3 programs running consecutively in a well-rounded fitness routine.
    c. The program is a bit buggy. Sometimes the workout tips of a shoulder press would play while i was supposed to be doing a lunge. Worse I would get a “wrong” workot. On Day 2 of Jeanette’s Advanced Cardio Sculpt I got a workout from her Walk,Jog,Hike,Run program.
    d. Worst issue of all is that support did not respond on any of my emails reporting the above issues.

    If the above issues are fixed, I will definitely sign up. Perhaps these are just teething troubles. I certainly hope so. Brandon, please let me know if possible of any progress with fixes. I’d appreciate that.


  38. My experience was very similiar to everyone else that had poor experiences with the tool. After being excited for some time to get the beta version, I had multiple log-in issues, had to sign up on two different email accounts to even make it work. In the end, I am now still not able to log-in and the online support was terrible. No help at all. Just left me hanging after waiting online for 20 min. with one insufficient answer that didn’t even address the issue. They just dropped off. No answer to multiple emails to customer service. A tempting concept but a terrible execution.

  39. Lauren Germani

    I signed up for the free 3 day trial…or so I though after one day my credit card was charged $19.95 six times in one day. Believe me the workout wasn’t that good. Canceled my trial ASAP. Still waiting for my money to clear. I did call support and they are having a computer Glitch. Good idea …but maybe they should hire some pro computer people.

  40. Wow… I work for Podfitness, I do tech writing & support. I do know that they do listen to what people have to say about the product and are improving it, but it’s strange that our support would refer to the music not synching as a “bug”. As far as I know, since the workouts are custom, always changing, and never “static”, it would be very difficult to set up cueing to match. There may be more emphasis in the future on synching workout+music for stuff like Studio Cycling.

    Pam & Linda are right about one thing, they are “working out bugs”, but it’s mostly in our support. I know they now have phone support at 888-4-PODFIT.

    Lest this be viewed as any kind of advertisement or “astroturfing”, I have no intentions other than to clear up to Pam & Linda (and others) that we do have a great support team available to work out issues like these. Thanks to the improvements we’re making (some based on people’s experiences like this), we’re just about ready for Podfitness 1.0 in mid-April. Hope that sheds some light on the subject.


  41. pam skinner

    I was sooo excited to try it out. Maybe I did it wrong, but what
    happened with my program was the music and the cueing
    was NOT in sync..AT ALL. It drove me CRAZY. I’m an ACE
    trainer and have taught for 25 years…the cueing just starts
    in anywhere..no relationship to the music. I was hoping they
    would have a ‘canned’ program, where the music was in
    sync (i.e. counts of 8) with the cueing. No such luck. Tech
    support said ‘stay tuned..we working out bugs’.

  42. Linda Thomas

    I watched the heavy marketing and was eagerly awaitng the beta release for a couple of months – then found attempts to configure the workout hung both my iTunes and their software like, 4 cycles, on an amply loaded desktop PC. Site was “down for maintenance” immediately thereafter, and tech support was annoying and no help at all. What a disappointment – not ready for prime time.

  43. I disagree, this service is way too complicated. The “mixer” is just a shell to use the mp3 encoder inside iTunes. Hogs system resources like mad. And the motivation sucks because the trainer only counts, no encouragement, nothing. Forget it.

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