Monthly Archives: March 2006

VK5000: Slimmer then the RAZR


VK Mobile just can’t stop releasing these tiny little candy bar handsets. Their newest device to make headlines is the VK5000.  Clearly following in the footsteps of the VK2000, and VK2100, the VK5000 includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, 1GB of internal memory, a really slim form factor that is a reported...

Philips Inexpensive LCD Remote: SRU9600


In the past Philip’s line of Pronto remotes have been excessively expensive ($1000+ depending on the model) and complicated to program and manage.  For the true home theater techie this was the remote of choice.  Perhaps rethinking their consumer acquisition strategy, at least in the remote market, Philips has plans...

Liquid Floor Tiles


Although these foot tiles won’t help you solve any crimes (think burglar like cartoons) they will make a great topic of conversation for parties, and is sure to keep the maid entertained for hours whilst performing the most mundane of cleaning jobs.  The floor tiles are filled with a liquid...

iMac Face Plates in 6 Colors


With just a few adhesive strips you can now transform your white iMac G5 to a snazzy glowing beacon of style.  The Mactallics face plates are made of an anodized metallic finish that matches the Power Mac G5 or Powerbook (now MacBook Pro) and simply sticks to the face of...

Sony MSVR-A10 Memory Stick video recorder


Looking to watch movies on your PSP, but sick of paying the people who made the movies?  Then the Sony MSVR-A10 Memory Stick video recorder may be up your alley.  You plug in any video signal via the RCA or S-Video inputs and insert a memory stick PR0 and record! ...

Waterproof printer paper


Looking for rugged, waterproof paper? Toughprint makes both Laser and Inkjet paper which is 100% waterproof, resists crumples and tears, and can easily be wiped clean. Perfect for printing maps for outdoor use or printing out those indestructible marketing flyers. Of course at about $1 / page I wouldn’t go...

iPaw iPod chew toy


Now you can encourage your dog to chew on your expensive gadgets! Perhaps the worst chew toy shape chosen since the shoe. Available from for $10.50. iPaw [popgadget]...

Volkswagen with Google Navigation System


Volkswagen is teaming up with Google to develop a new breed of in-car navigation system.  The new 3-D navigation system will use images from Google Earth.  The system will be powered using a chip by nVidia. No news on whether this system will be featured in any production cars....

FRITZ Mini Does It All: VoIP, 802.11g, MP3


What plays MP3s, is 802.11g compatible, can make calls via landline or VoIP, and closely resembles an iPod Mini?  Give up?  The FRITZ! mini of course.  The device can also stream internet radio, display weather, news, stock quotes and more in RSS on the color LCD display, and notify you...

Eleksen ElekTex USB Fabric Keyboard


Looking for a keyboard you can just roll up? Eleksen is now offering a fabric keyboard to OEMs, who can fully configure the character set and layout of the keys. The keyboard weighs only 60 grams and can be rolled up and transported. Now my question, is it machine washable?...

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