Monthly Archives: March 2006

D-Link Enter the VoIP with a WiFi Handset


D-Link, manufacture of all things network oriented, has plans to enter the wireless phone market.  The DPH-540 handset appears to contain no cell phone compatibility, but is designed for WiFi VoIP calls out of the box with any service.  The 802.11g based phone includes a color display, text messaging, and...

Just Scan and Cook Samsung Smart Oven


TV dinners in my mind are the epitome of laziness when it comes to cooking a dinner.  Just pop ‘em in the microwave and your eating a full course meal in minutes flat.   Well, if TV dinner instructions still prove too difficult for the culinary challenged, they may be in...

Solar Powered MP3 Player


According to EverythingUSB, MSI (Micro Star International) has unveiled a 4GB MP3 player with solar panels on its back panel for recharging its battery.  Utilizing a low power CSTN LCD display to cut down on power consumption, the solar powered MP3 player should be an ideal audio device for outdoor...

SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo cards


SanDisk, Sony’s partner in the Memory Stick PRO Duo card line, has announced 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo cards. The 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is expected to ship in April for $299. Pair up this 4GB Memory Stick with the Sony MSVR-A10 video recorder and you’ll have over 8...

MacBook Pro High-Pitched Whining Sound


According to Softpedia, some of the Apple MacBook Pros have had a bit of a noise problem. It appears as though some of the newly shipped MacBook Pros emit a high-pitched whining sound when the brightness level is too high and will stop when they lower the brightness or launch... personal trainer service


Ready to turn that iPod of yours into a lean, mean, fat burning machine? Yeah, nor am I. But in case you are, is launching a personal trainer service this month for your iPod. The service, which launches March 21, plans on giving you unlimited, customized personal taining sessions...

Lazer Scissors


Alright, so this product is definitely NOT as cool as the name. These laser scissors help you cut a straight line via its guiding laser. Yes, the laser is just for a guide. Kind of like those laser levels. Now as soon as they make a friggin laser beam to...

iPod Tote Bag


Hey ladies, ready to throw all style out the window?  The iPod Tote Bag by Fred Flare, let’s you care all your stuff — except your dignity.  This bag features a speaker on the outside with the ability to plug in your iPod or use the built in FM radio. ...

Netflix adds HD DVD Rentals


Netflix has added support to rent HD DVDs to their system today.  You can access the setup from under Your Account.  From there you can enable HD DVD movies, which will add a new column to your Queue entitled Format.  Under format, you’ll find DVD and HD-DVD now.  Blu-ray will...