Monthly Archives: March 2006

Sun-Star StitchLock Staple-less Stapler


The is actually a stapler that uses no staples. The Stich Lock uses the paper itself to hold the pages together! It can stitch up to 7 pages together without the use of a staple. The StitchLock is apparently very popular in offices in Japan. This super-deluxe version will set...

Haliaetus Car Exhaust Like Speakers


Check out these crazy looking speakers that utilizes car like exhaust tubes to increase bass response – originally referred to as ‘acoustic nozzles’ by its French manufacture Haliaetus. The Firebird speakers are rated at 50-20k Hz +/- 3dB with 87dB and 6 ohms, which according to our friends over at...

RFID Blocking Wallet


Worried that big brother is always watching?  Well since there’s supposedly RFID chips in a lot of our currency and credit cards, DIFRWEAR has come up with a RFID Blocking Wallet for the paranoid. The RFID Blocking Wallet works by using a layer of RF shielding that prevents RFID readers...

Live Frogger with a Roomba


Make Magazine decided to play some real life frogger using a remote control Roomba and four lanes of traffic in Austin, Texas. The drunk creators managed to mod their Roomba with a Bluetooth chip and were able to control the vacuum robot via a laptop. Their goal? To cross four...

WiFi Enabled Hard Drive


Why wait for Wireless USB when you can have WiFi enabled hard drive?  The best answer probably being the slow ass 54Mbps transfer rate.  Nonetheless, the WiDRIVE by EDS Lab, which is in fact just a case for 1.8? x 2.5? hard drives, should make an ideal backup device for laptops. ...

Samsung’s Tiny MP3 Player: YP-F2


This tiny MP3 player by Samsung weighs just 21g and can store up to 2GB of MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV audio formats.  Expect to get about 12 hours of playback time from the YP-F2, and should be available sometime in April for about $230 (4GB Nano is just $249). ...

Sony PlayStation 3 Release Date Updated


Today Sony officially confirmed the PlayStation 3 delay rumors that have been floating around on the net.  According to Sony, the official PlayStation 3 release date will be in November.  Sony is planning an almost simultaneous launch in Japan, North America and Europe. According to speculated Nintendo Revolution release date...

Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Trumpet


I’ve seen USB guitars and all sorts of instruments enter into the digital age, but this has got to be the first digital trumpet. Who else besides Hammacher Schlemmer would bring us a Digital Trumpet? The digital Trumpet can generate over 20 sounds, including seven trumpets, eight brass instruments, five...

Apple iTunes Movies for $9.99?


Early this morning, the first full length movie was spotted on the Apple iTunes Music Store.  The full length movie is Disney’s High School Musical.  The movie is 1 hour and 39 minutes long and 487 MB large.  The movie was originally up for $1.99, the same cost as television...

PSP Basic Bundle for $199

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Sony has announced a new hardware package for the Sony PSP.  Shipping March 22nd, the Sony PSP Basic Bundle will feature the PSP, AC adaptor, and battery for only $199.99. Sony also announced a new USB camera for the PSP. A couple more price drops and I may actually buy...

AeroGarden Grows Plants and Herbs w/out Soil


My previous notion of gardening, plants, and anything that grows from the Earth was that it required soil.  A company called AeroGrow has quickly changed this perspective by offering a system that enables plant growth through the suspension of plant roots in mid air. ...

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