Monthly Archives: March 2006

Really Small VoIP Telephone Converter


We just switched to VoIP and in the process installed a semi-large Vonage box into my bedroom.  I now sleep with the shimmer of quicky mart blue from its always glowing LED lights.  If you wanna circumvent the large and glowing, then the SmartLink Micro Analog Telephone Adapter (M-ATA) by Patton is probably...

WMA DRM Shortens Battery Life by Up to 25%


If DRM isn’t evil enough, testing now shows that it shortens a player’s single charge playback time by up to 25%.  Why you ask?  The DRM forces the player to work a little harder and decrypt the music files on the fly thus sucking down vital playback juice.  CNet put...

Pink Game Boy Advance SP in US


No one can deny that pink gadgets have been one of the biggest crazes in the gadget world.  Who could blame Nintendo for hopping on the bandwagon?  They’ll be bringing a Pink Game Boy Advance SP to the US on March 27th.  The official color will be called Pearl Pink....

Slippies Microwavable Foot Warmers


Your extremities (hands and feet) are normally the coldest part on your body. That’s cause your body is sending the heat to keep your vital organs at the right temperature. So it’s only natural we want to keep our feet warm — so stop laughing at me for sleeping in...

AlphaGrip AG-5:QWERTY Keyboard in a Game Pad


The day I can type 30-60 WPM on this alien looking thing, is the day I quit my day job and take up court room stenography.  Ok, so the manufactures claims may be a little lofty, but we can’t blame them for trying.  Riddled with an assortment of keys and...

Transmedics – organ transplant transport device


As you may have seen on medical shows, most transplant organs are transfered via cold storage (glorified ice chest). Although better than other transportation methods, cold ischemic storage is still prone to causing damage to the organs. Thanks to Transmedics, damaged organs may be a thing of the past....

Portable Cell Phone Repeater Station


Your probably looking at this thing wonder what the hell it could be.  It looks like a full mobile tactical computer work horse (or something technical sounding), but its actually a Dual-Band Rapid Deployment Cellular Repeater system by CellAntenna.  The RDCRS, which is primarily designed to be used by emergency...

The DJ Turntable Guitar


Vestax S-1 Premium Stage Controller is in fact a turntable turned guitar shape.  Designed for the DJ who no longer wants to be hidden behind a set of turntables, the S1 utilizes CDs and MP3s instead of vinyl (duh) to mix and scratch.  We should point out that these wacky...

Self-Destructing USB Memory Stick


“This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.?  Remember that from the days of the Mission Impossible show?  Kingston’s self-destruct USB drive may not warn its hacker, nor will it disintegrate leaving a trail of smoke, but try to electronically pry your way into this device and you’ll eventually find,...

iTrip PSP

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Griffin Technology, makers of the famous iTrip FM Transmitter for the iPod, have made an iTrip for the PSP — cleverly named the iTrip PSP. The iTrip PSP connects seamlessly to the bottom of your PSP and looks damn stylish too. You can now listen to your games and movies...

Orb Wireless Router


We may have possibly the weirdest wireless router to present you — The Orb.  The Orb actually consists of two parts that communicate via your home’s electrical wiring.  The first is the network home plug where you plug in your internet connection via the ethernet port and into a power...

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