Monthly Archives: March 2006

USB Based Time Stamp Machine


Starting a small business? Then you probably wanna keep track of your employee’s hours. The USB Time Stamp machine plugs into any USB based computer and records incoming and outgoing workers. We don’t know how much one of the original old clunkers goes for (analog version), but given the device’s relatively...

IBM’s New Tech Talks About Laundry and Parking


At Wakeforest’s Winston Salem, North Carolina campus, parking and laundry just got a whole lot more organized thanks to IBM. Serving as a test bed for IBM’s new voice recognition software, students can now ask their cell phone’s if there are any free parking spots, or if the laundry machines...

Windows Vista Release Delayed Until 2007

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Contrary to our previous thoughts, and indicating websites, it looks like the consumer level Windows Vista OS will be delayed until January 2007. Good news is that business customers should be receiving the new OS as expected in November of this year. Microsoft plans to release six versions of the...

Maxfield MAX-JOY Kids MP3 Player


Maxfield has created an MP3 player geared towards kids — the Maxfield MAX-JOY MP3 player.  This durable MP3 player features a bright two-color OLED display and has 256MB of internal memory upgradable to 2GB vvia a Secure Digital flash card. The MAX-JOY is kid friendly for more than just its...

Mouth Wash w/ Built in Flashing Timer


It just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t delve into the strange and novel every once and while. The ‘Firefly Mouth Swoosh’ for kids includes a cap that lights up to indicate ‘time to spit out’. Once the mouth wash (the bottles purple, take your best guess on mouth...

20-Sided Fuzzy Dice


Want both fuzzy dice in your car and pay tribute to your nerdy D&D days? Finally you can do both with twenty-sided fuzzy dice. Though you might need to roll your D20 dice to make a saving throw from someone whooping your nerdy ass. Yeah and please don’t ask why...

Samsung 32GB Solid State Disk

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When Samsung announced a flash memory chip that would allow for 32GB, we thought they meant flash memory cards.  Looks like Samsung used the chip to create a 32GB Flash-based hard drive disk.  The Solid State Disk (SDD) allows for hard drive access speeds up to 3 times faster than...

Playstation 3 for $8.00


In a bid to attract some attention (aka PR stunt) a company called Unique Auction will auction off a few PS3s for no more then $8, which will be preceded by an auction to win a Playstation 3 free of charge . How so you ask? Simple. Each bid costs...

MIT IO Cloning Paint Brush


The MIT IO Brush is a real world Photoshop like clone tool (you click on part of an image and it will replicate it else where in a paint brush format). The wooden looking brush has a built-in digital camera that snaps a photo of a moving or still image....

Ionizing Air Purification Travel Pillow


Traveling on busses or airplanes is never a pleasant experience, unless of course your flying business class, but how many of us can afford that. Although the Pure-Ion Air Purification Travel Pillow won’t make the ‘coach’ food taste any better, it’ll give you some peace of mind by ‘forcing airborne...

The Rowbike


Looking to build a little upper body strength on your next bike ride? You should check out the Rowbike, a bike which replaces the conventional pedals with a pull bar. According to the web site, the Rowbike will get you a complete workout, from your calves to your arms. I’ve...

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