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iPoders Download 4 Million+ Disney Shows

Believe it or not, Disney has already sold over 4 million episodes from such channels as ESPN, Abc, and others via the iTunes Music store since October 2005. Disney sells 4 million iTunes video downloads [iLounge]

Bottle Opening Ring Thing

Ever been at a party, or working at the bar only to find your bar key (bottle opener) missing or out of reach?  The Original Ring Thing slips easily onto any finger and no matter where or why, what - pretty much all of the 'w's...


Apple’s Mighty Mouse Reveals a Hidden Gem

This is pretty freakin’ cool, and trust Apple to pull something like this off. According to Flickr user Dan Bowles, lifting up your Apple Mighty Mouse a few inches from a flat surface will reveal a mouse like image (is this sup...
Cell Phones

LG’s Dual Slider: LG-SD910

LG’s newest phone, the SD910, incorporates the use of two sliding components to provide access to not just the numeric keypad, but the phones media controls as well. Also included are a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 functionality, ...


Video Game Urinal

Bathroom talk has never been one of our strong suites, but the “On Target? urinal blends hygiene, video game fun, and alleviation into one neat ceramically white package. Installed in the basin of the urinal is a pressure sensi...

Dell XPS 600 Renegade goes for sale

It looks like Dell's ridiculously powerful gaming PC, the Dell XPS 600 Renegade finally has been given a price tag and is available to purchase! The XPS 600 Renegade will go for $9,930. Wait, before you freak out and bitch abou...


iLuv i604 iPod battery pack

Looking to extend the battery life of your iPod 5G Video?  You might want to check out the iLuv i604 iPod battery back.  This pack, which attaches to the bottom of your iPod Video, can extend your iPod up to 55 hours! iLuv has ...

KUKU Alarm Clock

We have yet another whacky alarm clock for you guys -- the KUKU Alarm clock.  This chicken alarm clock will lay 5 eggs when your alarm goes off.  Get this, the only way to turn off the alarm, is to put the 5 eggs back into the ...

Solar Power

Solar-powered Boat

So you might look a little bit like a goob in one of these, but on the upside you’ll be saving the environment, and not murdering flipper. The Solar Powered Boat contains 4 deep cycle batteries (holds 6 hour charge) which power...

USB Based Time Stamp Machine

Starting a small business? Then you probably wanna keep track of your employee’s hours. The USB Time Stamp machine plugs into any USB based computer and records incoming and outgoing workers. We don’t know how much one of the o...

Cell Phones

IBM’s New Tech Talks About Laundry and Parking

At Wakeforest’s Winston Salem, North Carolina campus, parking and laundry just got a whole lot more organized thanks to IBM. Serving as a test bed for IBM’s new voice recognition software, students can now ask their cell phone’...

Windows Vista Release Delayed Until 2007

Contrary to our previous thoughts, and indicating websites, it looks like the consumer level Windows Vista OS will be delayed until January 2007. Good news is that business customers should be receiving the new OS as expected i...