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7.1 Dolby Digital and Skype Headphones

You ever get that uneasy feeling about a product when it offers too many features and doesn't focus on its core function? Well, we get that feeling about the 640USB Silverline headset by Trust product - or is it USB Headset HS-...

iBeat Illuminating iPod Headphone Review

iPod Garage has a review up on the new iBeat iPod headphones. These earbuds have cables that illuminate to the sound of the beat. Kind of like the Blinkit. Just what did they think of this unique iPod accessory? Pros Fun produc...


Women’s iBoxer iPod Boxers

From the makers of the iBoxers, come Women's iBoxers. These, like most boy shorts, will probably look better on your woman than you. The Women's iBoxers contain a front pocket for snuggly fitting your iPod. The boxers themselve...

Harddisko – Hard Drive Music

Valentina Vuksic's project, Harddisko, has taken useless, defective hard disks and turned them into something beautiful -- some sort of hard drive music machine if you will. For Harddisko, Valentina Vuksic attached microphones ...


Craftman Illum-A-Glove

Damn it all!!! Why didn’t I have this glove when I was trying to change my oil at 10 o’clock at night in my buddies drive way – with no exterior lights - of all places? Craftsman Illum-A-Glove is crafted of Spandex and sports a...

Solar Powered Walls

A building that is being constructed in Southeastern Japan will be able to autonomously illuminate its interior for 4.6 hours every night just using God’s gift to Earth, the Sun. Sections of walls in the building will be compos...


Apple Notebook Wide Touchpads Confirmed

Macsimumnews is reporting that the patent office today unveiled Apple’s wide touchpad license, originally granted August of 2004. I am not going to go into full details as they are not clear, but I suggest visiting their site a...

Apple Shuffle Beanie

Although the Shuffle is due to be phased out we continue to see products for the USB stick based MP3 player emerge. First it was the iPod Shuffle iShirt – fun by gimmicky – and now it’s the Shuffle Beanie with a utilitarian qua...


iGlaze iPod nano cover

Gopod has announced iGlaze, a thin plastic protective cover to protect your iPod nano from scratches. The iGlaze will be available in the Korean market in March. It will be available in four colors: black, white, pink, and silv...

Jet Powered VW Beetle

Some how, Mechanical Engineer Ron Patrick managed to squeeze a GE Model T58-8F helicopter turboshaft engine into his VW Beetle. This custom Beetle now gets 1,350 horsepower thanks to the jet protruding out the back. This bad bo...


Gold USB Memory Stick with Diamonds

Is that $3,500 burning a hole in your pocket? Then Dutch company, White Lake, has the product for you -- a USB Memory Stick covered in 14-carat gold and encrusted with five diamonds. Available in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1,024MB...

New Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headsets

Sony Ericsson announced three new Bluetooth Headsets today: HBH-Pv705 - a lightweight headset with 12 hours of talktimeHBH-GV435 - a heavy duty, fully-featured headset with 8 hours of talktimeHBH-IV835 - a hookless headset with...