Digital Trumpet

I’ve seen USB guitars and all sorts of instruments enter into the digital age, but this has got to be the first digital trumpet. Who else besides Hammacher Schlemmer would bring us a Digital Trumpet?

The digital Trumpet can generate over 20 sounds, including seven trumpets, eight brass instruments, five woodwinds, strings, and even a synthesized human voice. All you do is hum / sing into the mouthpiece and it rocks for you.

The trumpet comes preloaded with 10 songs for you to jam out to, including the classic When The Saints Go Maching In. You can add more to the trumpet’s onboard memory via the included software.

It has MIDI in/out and a headphone jack for that late night jam. Can be powered by included AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. Only $399.95.
Digital Trumpet [Hammacher Schlemmer via Gearlog]

Christen Costa

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