aXbo Alarm Knows When to Wake

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

16 Comments to aXbo Alarm Knows When to Wake

  1. There’s no “computing wizardry” involved to “determine the optimal time”. It’s really very simple. If you move during those 30 minutes, the alarm will go off. If you don’t move, it will go off at the time you specified which is the latest time you want to be woken.

    That said, it works really well. The main “problem” is that you do have to be consequent and GET UP when it rings. Most of the time I would love to stay in bed for a while longer, but if I even want to stay for only 5 more minutes, I usually end up getting up one hour later because I fall asleep again. However, it’s much easier to get up if you really want to get up when the alarm rings.

    Another small issue is that I think those 30 minutes are not enough. During the 2 weeks I’ve had the clock, the alarm went off at the latest possible time 3 times already. I would prefer being woken 45 minutes too early instead of at the latest possible time and then not feeling fit.

    And of course the alarm clock can’t change the fact that you need enough sleep! I now go to bed 2 hours earlier than I used to, because I really want to be able to get up in time in the mornings.

    Having said all that, I’m really happy with the aXbo. Hey, I got up at 6:40am today even though I don’t have to work, and I haven’t felt sleepy at all during the day. Just before I bought the aXbo, I used to arrive at work some time after 9am or not at all.

    p.s.: not a paid shill but a happy user :)

  2. Seriously thinking of buying one of these. It takes me ages to drop off at night and then cos I’m SUCH a heavy sleeper I feel terrrible when I’m wowken up in the morning. Would be really interested to know if you have noticed anything about your dream recollection on waking using this Phillippe.
    Many thanks

  3. To answer your question Daniel, yes I feel more fit when I use my axbo to wake up in the morning. But you’ll have to wake up at the time that the axbo tells you, otherwise it will not be efficient.

    The nice thing about it, is that when axbo wakes me up, I feel very aware and that feels good. Of course you’ll have to step out of the bed yourself.

    When I didn’t use it, I felt so bad and dizzy when I woke up with my old alarm clock. And that was more difficult to tell yourself that you have to get out of the bed when you feel like your body wants to stay in bed.

    So in two words, it makes it much more nicer for me to wake up in the morning instead of waking up like a zombie. Nevertheless you’ll have to take the step to put your both feed on the ground and step up

  4. Dear Eric,

    I noticed that you had the same problem as I have with my aXbo clock. Anyhow, I haven’t received any response from aXbo for 1 month now.

    Could you help me please by sending me what you received from aXbo to solve the problem?


  5. Sheesh. If anyone has it or uses it, please quit wasting so much review space on mundane things like battery life and the sounds. The compelling thing is the sleep cycles. Does it work? Are you more rested? Is it easier to wake up with this system?

  6. Search the web, and you find out this product was majorly delayed, then nobody has actually used it. The only reviews that seem ‘helpful’ are copy/pasted on various sites, and seem very astroturfy. With a money-back guarantee (not uncommon for upmarket items) I would give you my card # right now, but there’s not enuf for me to throw 200euro away for this.

  7. i have to add that their staff is pretty responsive. i received a reply explaining how to open the clock… the design makes it seem like it is not meant to be opened. in fact, the manual says, ‘do not try to open the clock or sensor, to remove any parts or batteries. this can lead to a short-circuit, and you risk losing any warranty claim.’ anyway, they explained that during shipping, one of the batteries could come loose. i opened it and while none of the batteries were loose, taking them out and re-seating them seemed to do the trick. the clock is working now and i look forward to enjoying many good mornings.

  8. i just got my axbo and so far the experience has been pretty good. i started off with the sleeptracker and soon got annoyed by the discomfort of the watch– i often removed it in the middle of the night without even knowing it. the bands of the axbo are much more comfortable and the clock on the bedside table did a much better job waking me than a watch muffled under a pillow. delivery was quick– only four business days from austria to new york.

    i was pretty excited about that but i will give this warning…

    i discovered a problem where the battery won’t hold a charge. not a problem when it’s plugged in but if i need to move it or want to travel with it, no shot. it resets completely thinking the battery has absolutely no power. the alarm functions won’t work for a few hours while it charges the low battery! sucks that it’s brand new too!

    now i fear i have to return the axbo to austria for warranty service (i wish they would have made the batteries replaceable!?!) postage is not cheap so for those in the u.s.a. who want to buy this thing– consider expensive international shipping into your cost. or wait until there is a vendor who is stateside who can also handle repairs.

    ahh… the pains of being on the cutting edge. hopefully this battery issue is an isolated occurrence and not indicative of their quality assurance.

  9. Or, maybe she hates axbo and simply wants us to believe that she’s in on a corner with them austrian sleep scientists just to make us suspicious towards the product. lol

  10. It seems to me, that by the response Anna gave, there is an even bigger possibility that she somehow is connected to the product.

  11. Hi. Oh, I already saw comments about me on engadget l, so I won’t say the same. I really don’t have the time to rewrite every thing.U can look on engadget and read my opinion ;o).
    As a self employed healing practitioner it is funny to read the explanation of astroturfing. Would like some efforts centrally coordinated if they help me.
    But now to my real ambition of tonight. Is there anyone else who has experience with aXbo?
    In my job I discuss new inventions, especially when they are sold in Austrian pharmacies like aXbo is because that means that it is certainly very well proved. so I would like to find out the reactions of people who actually use it in their daily lifes.

  12. Astroturfing

    In American politics and advertising, the term astroturfing pejoratively describes formal public relations projects which deliberately seek to engineer the impression of spontaneous public reactions to a politician or political grouping, product, service, event, etc. by many diverse and distributed individuals acting of their own volition, when in fact the efforts are centrally coordinated.

  13. just so you know the Anna comment above appears on engadget as well. It smells of astroturfing to me.

    Buyer beware.

  14. Hi. A friend talked me into aXbo 2 months ago and I thought I gonna try it. Since the first days my husband and I are really satisfied with our new friend in the mornings. We can choose different very enjoyable sounds. My husband doesn’t disturb me anymore when he wakes up like he did in the past. I really believe that since its his ideal time and not mine it’s not effecting my sleep. In the users manual the sleeping phases are described. My husband and I noticed when aXbo wakes us during a lighter sleep getting up is a lot easier. The wristband is comfortable and aXbo is facile to use. To be honest, I had doubts but now I am stunned… it really works!

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