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Home Theater

NEC Wireless Projector Displays Cinema Size Image

NEC’s newest wireless projector can produce a quality image standing anywhere from 2.5 – 68.5 feet from the screen. Two versions exist: NP1000 and NP2000. The NP2000 can produce about 500 more ANSI lumens then the NP1000, bring...
Cell Phones

Stainless Steel/Titanium SmartPhone

This phone, called the Mago, is pretty “hot? looking, but probably tips the scales in its stainless steel and titanium finish. Although purely a conceptual phone, the Mago Smartphone running Windows Mobile includes 802.11b, Blu...

Cell Phones

Top 10 Apple Concept Phones

So the Internet is flush with rumors that Apple is set to produce the forever rumored iPhone.  With that, we thought why not put together a gallery of Apple concept phones that have littered the tech blogs.  We almost went with...

Blaupunkt Slim In Dash GPS Stereo Head Unit

Cars today are loaded with cell phones, GPS, satellite radio – its hard to believe people can keep their eyes on the road long enough to drive. Although Blaupunkt’s newest head unit for the car doesn’t incorporate Bluetooth for...


Motorola’s Bluetooth Headset that Attaches to Sunglasses: S7

Although details are scarce, it looks like Motorola’s new Bluetooth headset, the S7, can be easily attached to a pair of sunglasses. Additional details are expected soon, so yes, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop. We kn...

iPoders Download 4 Million+ Disney Shows

Believe it or not, Disney has already sold over 4 million episodes from such channels as ESPN, Abc, and others via the iTunes Music store since October 2005. Disney sells 4 million iTunes video downloads [iLounge]