Daily Archives: March 20, 2006

Phlash! Universal Cameraphone Flash


Is your camera phone’s lack of flash really bothering you? I know mine can’t take a picture in a dark environment to save its life. Well now you can add a flash to any phone thanks to Phlash! Phlash! works by attaching the unit to your phone via its sticker...

Samsung Yepp YP-Z5 Review


Cnet took a look at Samsung’s Yepp YP-Z5 (2GB) last week and gave it an 8/10. They noted that the small Samsung player packed decent sound quality, a nice bright LCD for viewing photos and an easy to use menu. Also appreciated was the sturdy solid aluminum casing and 35...

iPod Shuffle Do Not Disturb Sign


Slapping a sticker on anything Apple is just straight blasphemy in my book, but given the MP3 nature of today’s world (people avoiding interacting with other people) I have to endorse this idea.  It’s pretty simply actually.  An artist Marco Siebertz has created stickers that are placed on both sides...

KTFT EV-K100 Super Slim Phone at 7.9mm Thick


If you wanna get super slim then jam this tiny candy bar phone in your pocket.  Measuring an unobtrusive 7.9mm thick and weighing only 2.1oz, the KTFT EV-K100 is the slimmest candy bar phone and also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, EVDO, 165MB of storage, and a 1.8? display.  Probably...

1.8? LCD Screen


  We just had to…The 1.8? screen Lilliput LCD Monitor has to be the smallest of its type and probably the most useless, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.  The product descriptions suggests use for a Nav or Car rear view system. Get the 116k pixel LCD here for $55.  The...

Wi-Q Universal Remote w/ Built in WiFi Program Guide


Ok, so it looks like this one was officially announced a few months ago at CES, but we just can’t let it go unmentioned.  The Thomson Acoustic Research Wi-Q Universal Remote Control includes built in WiFi for an in remote program guide to search for your favorite shows, time of...

Floating LCD Clock

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At Gadget Review, we love our quirky alarm clocks. Whether they’re flying alarm clocks or floating like the Floating LCD Clock. The Floating LCD Clock features a base with micro-processor controlled magnets that keep the LCD alarm clock floating. The LCD clock displays the time, month, day, year, and temperature....

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