Daily Archives: March 17, 2006

IBM Magic Block Voice Recorder w/ Voice Search


We’re not really sure how this thing works, but apparently this IBM produced voice recorder – called the Magic Block (Yanko has ‘Book’ and ‘Block’) – let’s you search recordings by keyword utizliing voice recognition technology.  Searches can also be performed by looking for a particular voice which must be previously...

Really Small VoIP Telephone Converter


We just switched to VoIP and in the process installed a semi-large Vonage box into my bedroom.  I now sleep with the shimmer of quicky mart blue from its always glowing LED lights.  If you wanna circumvent the large and glowing, then the SmartLink Micro Analog Telephone Adapter (M-ATA) by Patton is probably...

WMA DRM Shortens Battery Life by Up to 25%


If DRM isn’t evil enough, testing now shows that it shortens a player’s single charge playback time by up to 25%.  Why you ask?  The DRM forces the player to work a little harder and decrypt the music files on the fly thus sucking down vital playback juice.  CNet put...

Pink Game Boy Advance SP in US


No one can deny that pink gadgets have been one of the biggest crazes in the gadget world.  Who could blame Nintendo for hopping on the bandwagon?  They’ll be bringing a Pink Game Boy Advance SP to the US on March 27th.  The official color will be called Pearl Pink....

Slippies Microwavable Foot Warmers


Your extremities (hands and feet) are normally the coldest part on your body. That’s cause your body is sending the heat to keep your vital organs at the right temperature. So it’s only natural we want to keep our feet warm — so stop laughing at me for sleeping in...

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