Daily Archives: March 9, 2006

TiVo to drop Lifetime Service Plan


TiVo CEO Tom Rogers made some major announcements today for the TiVo including TiVo to drop the Lifetime Service Plan New Subscription Model (includes the hardware and service): $19.95 per month for a one year commitment, $18.95 per month for a two year commitment and $16.95 per month for a...

Samsung SCH-B600 – 10 Megapixel Phone


Need an insane number of megapixels in your camera phone?  Then you need the Samsung SCH-B600 which was announced at CeBIT 2006.  This phone features a 10MP camera with 3x optical zoom.  The phone’s not too bad either.       Samsung SCH-B600 10MP Camera Phone [Phone Dig]...