Daily Archives: March 9, 2006

New Sony Car Head Unit w/ Built in Bluetooth: MEX-BT5000


Sony’s newest head unit for the car integrates Bluetooth and hands free calling into one neat, sleek package.  A microphone is built directly into the device so no messy wiring is needed, and the caller’s voice is routed to the in car speakers.  Caller information can also be displayed on...

Vein Scanning Keyboard Provides Extra Security


You know those Vein scanners we talked about a couple months and some ago?  Well, it looks like they are finally making their way into some consumer level products.  The keyboard here features a Vein scanner for computer security.  Veins are said to be almost impossible to hack, and unlike fingerprint...

Seagate Announces First Wireless USB Portable Hard Drive


Seagate announced plans at the Intel Developer Forum to release one of the first Wireless USB 2.5? portable hard drives.  The technology of course requires that the laptop, or computer contain the appropriate WUSB chip set and be within 10′ of the HD.  If you remember, WUSB provides wireless data transfer at...

Ugly MP3 Playing Sneaker


Dada Footwear (excuse me, is this a shoe maker we should know?) will introduce a “Back to the Future 2? busted-ass looking sneaker called the “Code M?, with a built in MP3 player.  It will hold 100 songs, controls are found on the shoe’s tongue, and will transmit tunage to...

Forget the Roomba, Get the SweepEZE


Sweeping always proves to be a challenging task.  First sweep, then scoop it up, and there’s always that really small debris left behind (errr, how infuriating).  The SweepEZE Vacuum is not revolutionary, doesn’t have a super creative name, but for $54 and one less visit to the chiropractor you better...

SED TVs Delayed to Late 2007


Looks like SED TV production will be delayed until 2007, and don’t expect consumer availability to late 2007, early 2008.  SED TVs are a combination of CRT (standard TV) and LCD technology.  In short, this means a slender size equitable to Plasma and LCD, but with a higher quality picture.  Delays...

LED Pet Water Bowl


Gadgets for dogs and cats seem to be all the rage these days. Thanks to the Discovery Store, we now have the world’s frst high-tech pet water bowl. This water bowl features a ring of LEDs on the outside of the bowl to remind you to refill when the water...

Aquapac: Waterproof iPod


Looking for yet another waterproof iPod case? The Aquapac MP3 Player Case is basically a sealed bag you can place your iPod in, offering it water protection.  Thanks to the clear panel you can see the display and even use the click wheel.  The sealed headphone jack at the top,...

Brush Palette: 32 Flavor Toothpaste Set


Getting a little sick of always brushing with mint flavored toothpaste? Well thanks to the Beath Palette, you now get your choice from 32 different flavors that range from the the exotic Japanese Plum to Indian Curry. Nothing beats the fresh scent of Indian Curry. Additionally, Brush Palette has a...

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