Daily Archives: March 7, 2006

New Fuel Cell Means 2 Day Battery Life on a Laptop


How about a laptop that’s battery runs for 2 days with no recharging?  Yeah, we’d all love one and I’d like a cell phone with all the imaginable bells and whistles and a 1 month battery life.  Well, the laptop battery life may not be to far off.  Ultracell demonstrated...

Official Microsoft Origami Pics Unveiled


Microsoft showed off the much anticipated Origami ultra light weight mobile PC at the Intel Developer’s Conference today.  There are two versions: One that includes a keyboard that rotates out, and the other is purely a tablet mobile PC sans keyboard.  Both models run on a variant of Windows XP...

Special Plant That Glows to Indicate Thirst


Students at Singapore Polytechnic have developed a plant that glows green when it’s thirsty.  They did this by genetically modifying a plant using a green fluorescent marker gene from a jellyfish.  Apparently, seeing the ‘glow’ with the naked eye is difficult, but viewing from an optical sensor developed in collaboration makes...

Chatter Bug Provides VoIP Prices on a Landline


Sick of paying those colossal fees to the phone company?  The Chatter Bug, which connects to your preexisting landline, cuts the long distance carrier out by intercepting the call and rerouting it through their VoIP system all for a flat monthly fee of $10.  Service is currently available domestically and to Canada, but...

First Ever HD DVD Laptop: Toshiba G30


Sure this laptop boasts a 17? Hi Def capable screen with dual core 2GHz processors, but the highlight of this ‘to go’ beast is the integrated HD DVD drive – a first for a laptop.  The G30, which is part of the Toshiba Qosmio line, can also produce Dolby Digital like...

Wowwee’s Newest Robot: SCOTY


Wowwee, makers of the many a Xmas hit the Robosapien, has partnered with Philips Electronics to create the SCOTY (Smart Companion Operating Technology).  SCOTY stands about two feet tall, is composed of an ABS plastic frame and has an articulating rectangular head with an embedded camera.  SCOTY is designed to...

Memory Ball Alarm Clack


Here at Gadget Review, we love our quirky alarm clocks. The Memory Ball Alarm Clock from uncommon goods is no exception. This alarm clock radio features a magnetized ball on top and 9 holes for it on a grid. Each hole represents a different radio preset. With 9 AM stations...

Sanyo Outdoor LCD TV


Sanyo has announced a 32″, weather-resistent, indoor / outdoor LCD TV.  What could be better than watching television outdoors while sitting in your hot tub?  Nothing. No word on price yet. Sanyo’s weather-resistant TV [Tech Digest]...

Grundig X5000 Released


Looking for a cell phone with a ridiculously high resolution camera? Pick up the Grundig X5000 with 6 megapixel camera. You can view the pictures on its high-resolution 2″ display or on your television via the TV out port. Of course, it’s a shame this is not available stateside.  ...

Harman Kardon Drive and Play


Looking for a sexy in-car iPod system that will not only sound good, but actually impress people?  Then you need yourself the Harman Kardon Drive and Play. This little iPod accessory consists of three elements: Controller – position it conveniently and control like an iPod click wheel Dashboard LCD display...

NES DVD Player


Everyone loves a good NES mod. Whether it’s a Mac Mini NES or a NES DVD player. VintageComputing has managed to cram a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 DVD player into an old school NES case. The cooler points? NES Power button turns DVD player on / off NES Reset button ejects...

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