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VK2100 To Hit US Shores

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If you remember we mentioned the release of the VK2000 and VK2100 credit card sized cells in Korea not to long ago.  Well, we might see the VK2100 hit US shores – price to be determined.  The VK2100 is folds better then its predecessor by providing 2GB of storage, Bluetooth and...

Wooden LCD TV


Living in a log cabin makes me think of raccoon hats and wood…lots of wood.  With that said, why not add the SWEDX line of LCD TVs, monitors and even keyboard, mouse and speakers finished in all natural wood.  SWEDX – of Sweden of course – products come in different...

Real 3D Images Displayed Mid Air


A collaboration between the Japanese National Institute and Advance Industrial Science and Technology, Burton Inc. and Keio University has resulted in real 3D images.  Apparently, the current 3D images we have experienced are a result of tricks, or taking advantage of our ‘human binocular disparity’. Check out the full article for...

Samsung SGH-i310 8GB HD Music Phone


Samsung will unveil the successor to its SHG-i300 line of music phones at this years Hannover, German CeBit.  The SGH-i310 will include an 8GB HD, 2 megapixel camera, TV-Output, audio playback, video recording and playback, have a USB 2.0 out, and a microSD slot for memory expansion. Samsung SGH-i310 8GB...

Another HD DVD Format: VMD


So if the Blu Ray/HD DVD debacle isn’t frustrating enough enter VMD (Versatile Multilayer Disc). Right now you are probably scratching your head thinking “great, another acronym and another format?. Apparently, VMD is based off today’s DVD red laser format and a company called New Medium Enterprises claims to have increased capacity (5GB per...

iPod Shower Radio


I swear I can’t go a day without seeing some kid hanging with his hommies and all the while listening to an iPod. It would seem that music is so accessible these days that we need to have it at all times. So incase listening to your iPod at the...

Microsoft Origami Release Date?


Microsoft’s Origami project website is currently hinting at a March 9 release date – same date Hanover, Germany CeBit starts. The Origami is purportedly Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod – or should we say Gate’s answer to Jobs’ iPod. The Origami, about the size of a small book, is expected...

Gadgetreview is now on WordPress!!


In case you haven’t noticed we’re now on Word Press and we’re super psyched as WP provides an abundance of features that weren’t found on our previous Blogging tool. Feel free to leave a comment about the revamped site and let us know any changes you would like to see....

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