Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

8 Wheeled Electric Vehicle That Flys


Talk about over the top! The Eliica 8 wheeled electric (power by lithium-ion batteries) vehicle by Tokyo’s Keio University does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, can reach a top speed of 230mph, and lastly sports gull wing doors for a dash of extra cool. We gotta wonder how long the battery...

Consumer Level Iris Scanner For Online Banking


Ok, so Biometrics are nothing new, but at the consumer level we always enjoy a product or two. Jiris’s JPC1000 offers a cost effective way to securely perform online banking and other highly sensitive transactions by measuring the Iris for authentication. This version doesn’t feature a web cam option, but...

7.1 Dolby Digital and Skype Headphones


You ever get that uneasy feeling about a product when it offers too many features and doesn’t focus on its core function? Well, we get that feeling about the 640USB Silverline headset by Trust product – or is it USB Headset HS-4100. Nevertheless, these headphones offer not only virtual 7.1...

iBeat Illuminating iPod Headphone Review


iPod Garage has a review up on the new iBeat iPod headphones. These earbuds have cables that illuminate to the sound of the beat. Kind of like the Blinkit. Just what did they think of this unique iPod accessory? Pros Fun product that adds another dimension to the iPod listening...

Women’s iBoxer iPod Boxers


From the makers of the iBoxers, come Women’s iBoxers. These, like most boy shorts, will probably look better on your woman than you. The Women’s iBoxers contain a front pocket for snuggly fitting your iPod. The boxers themselves are made out of cotton and spandex and contain a mock button...

Harddisko – Hard Drive Music


Valentina Vuksic’s project, Harddisko, has taken useless, defective hard disks and turned them into something beautiful — some sort of hard drive music machine if you will. For Harddisko, Valentina Vuksic attached microphones to the heads of decased, defective hard drives. When hard drives power up, they conduct initialization tests...

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