Daily Archives: March 1, 2006

Sharp 904SH Face Recognizing Phone


Sharp unveiled the 904SH yesterday, a cell phone that incorporates facial recognition to control user access. The phone also sports what is claimed to be the first cell phone to use a 480×640 LCD screen. Other phone features include a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3D surround sound stereo speakers, and of...

Sony NAS-D5HD Boombox with 40 GB hard drive


The Sony NAS-D5HD Netjuke boombox – as we use to call it back in the dizzay – can hold up to 40 gigs of music. Not only does it support MP3 playback, but it also includes a Mini disc slot (hello Japan), CD player, USB Port, Memory Stick Duo slot,...

Smart Outlet That Knows When To Quit


Tight on the good old green backs, and don’t want that window fan cranking away all night? The Thermo Cube plug should in theory pay for itself after a few hundred, perhaps few 1000 uses. Just plug in an appliance to the multprong AC adaptor, and when the mercury rises...

GameFly warns XBox 360 damages discs


So I just rented my first XBox 360 game from GameFly and got a hilarious e-mail warning: Dear Eric, Our records indicate that you recently rented your first Xbox 360 game from GameFly. As you know, the Xbox 360 is a high-end gaming console that uses state-of-the-art technology. As stated...

Mac Mini NES


The Mac Mini NES is one of the coolest hardware mods I’ve seen in a long time. Someone managed to get a Mac mini inside an old school NES. Nothing special, I’ve seen bigger computers crammed inside a Nintendo. The cool part? Once the creator adds in a circuit he...

Joby GorillaPod flexible camera tripod


Looking for a lightweight, innovative tripod for your digital camera? The GorillaPod by Joby is pretty damn light weighing in at 1.6 ounces (not much of a gorilla). It’s definitely one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen in a tripod. The GorillaPod features three sturdy, bendable legs composed...

iPod Blinkit Light

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Every once in awhile a pretty unique iPod accessory comes along. The Blinkit iPod Light is pretty damn innovative. This little lights plugs into the dock port of your iPod for its power. The Blinkit come with five lens caps so you have your choice of color: clear, red, blue,...

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