Monthly Archives: March 2006

Superman Returns in 3-D


Looks like the new Superman movie, Superman Returns, will be in 3-D on Imax screens this summer.  There are about 20 minutes of footages that will be projected in 3-D using a proprietary process developed by the large-format exhibition firm.  Viewers will be instructed when to put on and remove...

Nike’s Maxsight Contact Lenses are the New Sunglasses


Nike Vision has plans to introduce contact lenses specifically designed for athletes. By blocking 90% of the ‘blue light’, Nike’s Maxsight lenses, which are manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, will increase contrast and clarity all the while reducing glare and blocking 95% of UVA and UVB light. Will be available...

Touch Screen iMacs


We’re not sure if this is the most cost saving measure, but if you need a touch screen kiosk in your place of business and would like it to double as a computer, then Troll Touch has the answer for you. For $869 or $1045 you can transform you 17?...

Gateway Will Announce 2 Ultra Slim Notebooks Tomorrow


Gateway is due to unveil 2 new ultra light notebooks tomorrow.  The E-100M and NX100X, targeting the business and home user respectively, are very similar in performance but the NX100X will include an external DVD-R/RW.  Both notebooks will weigh slightly more then 3lbs, include 12? screens and utilize Intel’s ‘previously...

Apple puts volume limiter on iPods

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Apple has released a downloadable update that will give iPods a volume limiter. The volume limit will allow aparents to set a maximum volume on an iPod and lock it with a combination. The update is available for the iPod nano and iPod video. All this, of course, is a...

RFID Auto Cooking Hot Plate


If you’re totally inept at cooking and Mommy ain’t around to hold your spatula, the Vita Craft RFIQ is the next best thing to an emasculating experience. The induction-powered hot plate scans recipes cards via and RFID reader embedded in the handle, and automatically tells the hot plate cooking temperature and provides...

64GB USB Flash drive by BUSLink


We’re having a hard time believing this 64GB flash drive is real, and at a whopping $5000 we’d be surprised if anyone is daring enough to test it. Not too long ago we heard rumors of Samsung flash capacities like this emerging, but this soon? Measures 3.875″x1″x .625″, and weighs...

Microsoft CEO Brainwashes His Kids


Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO known for whirling a chair across the room in reaction to an employee fleeing to Google, has admitted in an interview to forbidding his children from listening to not only an iPod, but using search giant Google. “My children–in many dimensions they’re as poorly behaved as...

A Keyboard You Can Smash


If you’ve got a penchant for video game frustration, then the Grandtec Virtually Indestructible Keyboard made of silicone is probably a choice peripheral. Comes in two colors: black and glow in the dark, and because it’s made of silicon it types virtually silent, is impervious to liquid, and can be...

Triton Body Dryer


Sick of washing towels all the time?  Big fan of air drying?  The new Triton Body Dryer will let you air dry within 3 minutes at the cost of mere pennies for its use. I’ve seen hot lights that help you air dry before, but this has to be the...

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