Your cell phone just die? Too overcast for your solar charger? Already use up your last fuel cell? Luckily, Indian grad student NV Satyanarayana, has taken a cue from the hippies and brought yet another alternative energy to cell phones — wind!

You plug in a small windmill with 5 cm blades to your cell phone and just wait for the gust to power your cell phone. Seem silly? Well consider last hurricane when my whole city lost power. The skies were way too overcast for solar. However, we certainly had plenty of wind. Of course, talking on a cell phone when there’s wind will prove to be challenging. And my generator was already on to power my fridge and entertainment center — but you get the idea.

Still, hats off and patents to NV Satyanarayana. You’re the Gadget Review hippie of the week.

via New Launches

Christen Costa

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