If you grocery shop for a massively large family, a company called Smartshopper hopes to simplify all that with their SmartShopper shopping list device. Just simply speak the desired product into the device, and it stores and organizes the items via voice recognition in a grocery store layout friendly list. The device comes with 2,000 items already entered, and its shopper can add more. How well the device recognizes the user’s voice, or what the training steps to voice recognition are, has yet to be determined. Once the list has been completed it can then be printed. Runs on two AA batteries and should be available end of 2006. Why someone hasn’t built similar software for a PDA is beyond me.

Interested to learn more about this product or have questions? Then contact RGB200@aol.com, or write SmartShopper, Inc 6659 Brandamore Ct. Solon, OH 44139 or call 440-821-5322.

Via StrangeNewProducts

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